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"Regenerative Medicine" is an innovative concept representing a unique approach to the regeneration of functional tissues and organs. This book reveals the scientific principles behind this newly discovered practice while instructing the reader in the procedure of Moist Exposed Burn Thearpy (MEBT) and offering compelling examples of tissue and organ regeneration from ordinary cells incubated in potent nutrient baths...... More¡­¡­

Publisher: Karger

     Selections from Burns Regeneration Medicine and Therapy¡­¡­
  ¡¯Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science¡¯ is a fire-new scientific concept. It is the study focusing on innate regenerative potential of human body cells and regenerative nutrients. And it is a comprehensive new system in life science which utilizes human body regenerative potentiality and exogenous regenerative nutrients to achieve regenerative restoration in situ for acquired defects, premature aging, mutation, severe diseases and premature apoptosis of human body. Its core scientific technique is the ¡¯In Situ Human Body Regeneration and Health Preservation Techniques¡¯ involving ¡¯Induction of Stem Cells from Somatic Cells¡¯ and then ¡¯Regenerative Restoration of Tissues and Organs In Situ¡¯. That is: with the supply of human body regenerative nutrients and the core techniques, to realize the human body regenerative restoration in situ;

A scholarly, peer-reviewed medical quarterly journal, The Chinese Journal of Burns, Wounds and Surface Ulcers started ITSinitial publication in December of 1989 with China periodicals registration number CN11-2650/R and international periodicals registration number ISSN1001-0726. The journal was approved by the State Commission of Science and Technology, sponsored by the CBAIM and published by the Editorial Committee of The Chinese Journal of Burns ...... More¡­¡­

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