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MEBO recovery stars
Li Zhufa
Superficial II degree: 10%; Deep II superficial type: 10%; Deep II deep type:15%; Superficial III degree:30%;...
Liang Nianghua
Superficial II degree: 10%; Deep II superficial type: 20%; Deep II deep type:20%; Superficial III degree:10%
Chen Jiaxuan
Superficial II degree: 15%; Deep II superficial type: 10%; Deep II deep type:10%; Superficial III degree:10%
Zhou Gaowu
Superficial II degree: 20%; Deep II superficial type: 10%; Deep II deep type:15%; Superficial III degree:15%;...
Nie Renyi
Superficial II degree: 24%; Deep II superficial type: 24%; Deep II deep type:30%; Superficial III degree:6%
Wang Ke
Deep II superficial type: 20%; Deep II deep type:35%; Superficial III degree:30%
Ma Linshan
systemic interventions including anti-inflammation, vascular dilation, viscosity break, reducing blood sugar,...
Gou Daqiong
Superficial Ⅱ:5%; Deep Ⅱ superficial type:10%; Deep Ⅱ deep type:25%; Superficial Ⅲ:30%; Deep Ⅲ:5%...
Zhao Yuxiang
On 5 June, 2009, the patient was pricked by a nail, walked unconsciously for one day and then pull out ...
Guo Shouquan
The patient has many sites of scar since childhood due to skin ulcer and mosquito biting, especially the ...
Chang Cheng
After the admission, abdominal examination, bone traction, anti-infection, interventions to promote the blood ...
Lei Rongxiang
20mins later after the machine injury, the patient admitted into our hospital to receive the wound debridement...
Xing Qiaoling
Stop bleeding at the emergency, use the MEBO externally, change dressing two times a day as outpatient...
Ding Ruifang
Apply MEBT/MEBO after debridement, pack the wound with MEBO gauze, change dressing twice per day...
FAN Chongming
Wound debridement, standard application of MEBT and the exposed method. Three weeks later, the wound...
Ye Liqiang
After admission, improve auxiliary examinations and perform symptomatic treatments of preventing infection, ...
Yang Peizheng
Perform many relevant examination after the admission, prevent infection and give supportive symptomatic ...
Chen Nengbiao
After admission, give anti-inflammation treatment and incise the left foot to remove the necrotic tissues...
Huang Fuyuan
After admission, control the glucose level, blood pressure and wound infection. MEBO gauze to manage the wound...
Cheng Defu
50 minutes before admission, the client's left middle finger was carelessly slit by paper-cutter during work...
Chen Shangfeng
Superficial II degree: 3%; Deep II superficial type: 10% Deep II deep type:30% Superficial III degree:30%
Deng Ruoqu
Superficial II degree: 14%; Deep II superficial type:10% Deep II deep type:30% Superficial III degree:40%
Liu Jingrui
Wound bed infection with purulent discharge
Qian Zhonghao
Diagnosis: Electric shock ulcer on several fingers of left hand with born necrosis, exposed. Medical History: ...
Qi Lanhai
Diagnosis: Frostbite by liquid nitrogen, TBSA: 56%, including 6% of II degree, 10% of III degree and 40% of IV...
Song Changyan
Superficial II degree: 10%; Deep II superficial type: 12% Deep II deep type:15% Superficial III degree:25%
Wang Hongtao
Superficial II degree: 7%; Deep II superficial type: 60% Deep II deep type:15% Superficial III degree:4%
Wen Beibei
Superficial II degree: 0%; Deep II superficial type: 12% Deep II deep type:18% Superficial III degree:10%
Xue Song
Diagnosis: Ulceration after skin contusion of right lower extremity Medical history: The client was injured by forklift
Zhang Jianbin
Laceration and fracture on the distal part of right thumb, leading to massive hemorrhage, severe pain.
Zhang Yanbin
Superficial II degree: 12%; Deep II superficial type: 25% Deep II deep type:45% Superficial III degree:4%
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