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Injured Tissues Regeneration

Regenerative Therapy Routines:
For the newly injured tissues, stop the bleeding, simply clean the wounds with physiological saline to wipe off the necrosis and protect all the residual viable soft tissues. Then using MEBO's regenerative therapy--burns regenerative therapy (BRT) with MEBT/MEBO, apply the MEBO wound ointment or other specially prepared nutrient medium directly onto the wounds, and change the dressing every morning and night. For the wounds not newly injured, only using the treatment BRT with MEBT/MEBO, apply the MEBO's wound ointment or specially prepared nutrient medium directly onto the wounds. Continue the treatment until the tissues newly regenerate or the skin tissues regenerate and heal, or the skin flaps or the skingrafting heal. For the injured internal organs, with the positive and negative pressure drainage tubes man-made in the internal environment, input the regenerative nutrients liquid into the injured internal organs continuously for 24hours to cultivate the injured tissues regeneration.

Case One:

Regenerative Healing of Full-thickness Skin Wound with Injured Soft Tissue



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