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Extra Report: Human Regeneration Science Incorporated into National Development Policy of United States of America
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Extra Report: Human Regeneration Science Incorporated into National Development Policy of United States of America
On December, 2012, I sued Nobel Prize Committee over the fact that it misappropriated the concept of¡°Somatic Cells to Stem Cells¡±, the core of my Human Regenerative Science and requested it to clarify that human regenerative potential is innate or artificial and announce that the two Nobel Prize winners had not created stem cells and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine of 2013 was a total fraud, thus declaring the defamation over my invention by Nobel Prize Committee. Around the whole world, the lawsuit attracted intensive attention of 160 million from all walks of life, including such fields as science, politics and business. People realized the fake advertisement and speculation and the fact that injuries of human body organ can be restored and aged organs can be regenerated and rejuvenated in-situ have been achieved by us and have been protected by various patents in U.S. and many other countries. The research of Human Life Science is now in a phase of application of organ regeneration. On February 13th of 2013, U.S. President Obama delivered his State of Union Address (similar to the Development Policy of 18th National Congress). In his State of Union Address, the information related to research and scientific development of stem cells which can be found in previous State of Union was replaced with our scientific concept of regeneration of injured organs with ¡°medicines¡± directly. The regeneration of injured organs is the in-situ regeneration of such organs. It is our scientific concept and achievements related to regeneration and restoration of diseased organs that have been awarded patents in the United States.
  Eighty days have passed since President Obama delivered his State of Union. We did not disclose the excited news to the world. Instead, we patiently waited for the reactions over scientific development from countries around the world. Unfortunately, not much stimulating news about it has been reported. Therefore, I made a speech themed as ¡°Human Beings in Era of Regenerative Life¡± to promote further understanding of new regenerative life science. In the meantime, special reports have been made by Newspaper of CPPCC. And, many websites, including qstheory.cn, People.com, China.com.cn, Chinanews.com and Chinadaily.com.cn have reposted the major parts of the news. Now, I issued the extra report as a milestone of human civilization in history.
  First, our ¡°Human Body Regeneration and Restoration Science¡± is the only one scientific concept related to regeneration of injured organs and rejuvenation of aged organs in world¡¯s most advanced scientific circle. And, more importantly, our science has been applied into practice.
  Second, regeneration of injured organs through ¡°medicines¡± is the core of our U.S. patents, and we enjoy proprietary over such technique.
  Third, my science featuring regeneration of injured organs through ¡°medicines¡± has been incorporated into development policy of the United States of America. This invention will soon benefit all people around the world.
  Fourth, we enjoy the proprietary over the science featuring regeneration of injured organs through ¡°medicines¡±, and we will allow its usage in all countries around the world in an orderly manner, thus benefiting global users.

Attachment: State of Union Address by President of United States of America in 2013:
Xu Rongxiang,
Inventor and patent owner of Human Body Regeneration and Restoration Science

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