Patent number Patent name Patent picture
US 6,685,971 B2 Method and composition for repairing and promoting regeneration of mucosal tissue in the gastrointestinal tract Open
US 8,093,048 B2 Methods and compositions for activating regenerative stem cells from bone marrow Open
US 7,919,123 B2 2011 Composition and method for treating or preventing gastrointestinal cancer Open
US 7,550,294 B2 2009 Tissue culture medium for culturing potentially regenerative cells and functional tissue-organs in vitro Open
US 7,399,492 B2 2008 Composition and method for tissue repair and regeneration Open
US 6,991,813 B2 2006.1 Physiological tissue repair and functional organ regeneration by cultivation of regenerative stem cells in vivo and in situ Open
US 7,211,276 B2 2007 Method for preventing ulceration or irritation of mucosa Open