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  • MEBO Anti Itch

    MEBO Anti Itch is a nature ointment especially formulated to soothe the skin and reduce the urge to scratch. This product also helps the natural repair of cracked, chafed or dry scaly skin and can be applied to all areas of the body. 

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  • MEBO Acne Clear

    MEBO Acne Clear is a natural ointment which supports the skin's immune response to bacteria. it is also effective for daily skincare, leaving skin moist, clean and smooth. MEBO Acne Clear cleanses irritated and infected skin and helps the skin’s defense against bacteria. It also nourishes and protects the skin.

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  • MEBO regenerative skin care products

    MEBO regenerative nutritional substance for skin can protect, regenerate and nourish all layers of skin tissue cells in a three-dimensional way. MEBO skin care products use soluble fatty acids as the oil-phase base material, which is a breakthrough in cosmetic products. They have excellent skin-friendly moisturizing property, and more importantly, under their nourishment, fibroblasts will present fasciculate arrangement to support skin, showing a healthy and tight skin status.

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  • MEBO Lip Gloss

    With the unique isosmotic technology of MEBO International, MEBO Lip Gloss can create the optimum physiological environment for lip, activate lip cells and provide nutrients to promote the regeneration of lip cells. So lip dryness and peeling will be ameliorated immediately, meanwhile, lip wrinkles and pigmentation will fade, returning you a young and smooth lip.

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  • MEBO Wound & UIcer Dressing

    It is a new generation of medical dressing facilitating the wound repair and healing. It is applicable to a variety of ulcers such as diabetic ulcers and skin soft tissue ulces,bedsores,donor site wounds,bruise,etc.

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  • MEBO Scar Ointment

    It has remarkable properties of adhesiveness ,permeability,emulsification and smoothness due to its unique perparation structure, and thusit can form a natural protective barrier on the  surface of scars  and is suitable for the treatment of various scars resulting from burns,scalds,traumas ,surgical acne and cosmetic-induced skin damage,etc. 

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  • MEBO Cooling Patch

    It is suitable for the local physical cooling of children and adult fever ,taking the place of ice pack or alcohol bath ,and it can also be used to ease pain of bruises or sprains ,abate toothache and reduce the swelling

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  • MEBO GI Capsule

    This product is a health food made from Scutellaria, beeswax and sesame oil. Through functional tests, it has proved that it has the function of improving the function of the gastrointestinal tract (the protective effect of the gastric mucosa and the bowel movement).

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  • MEBO Dermhealth Cream

    Topical cream formulated with sesame oil as excipient and three active pharmaceutical ingredients: Miconazole Nitrate (anti-fungal agent), Neomycin Sulfate (anti-bacterial agent), and Triamcinolone Acetonide Acetate (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic agent) • Each tube contains - 20 g of cream - 10 mg/g of Miconazole Nitrate - 3000 unit/g of Neomycin Sulfate - 1 mg/g of Triamcinolone Acetonide Acetate • Cream is creamy white in color with a scent of sesame

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  • MEBO Wound Ointment

    Botanical drug consisting of multiple botanic componentsandnutritionalingredientscooperated with patented dosage formwithnetframestructure.Topicalointmentmadefromnaturalingredients including sesame oil, beeswax, and other edible herbs, whichprovideβsitosterol,18naturalamino acids, 4 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and polysaccharides. Each tube contains 20 g or 40gof ointment Ointment is yellow with a sesame scent.

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