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MEBO Wound Ointment

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UPDATE 2018-05-28

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Product Description: 

• Botanical drug consisting of multiple botanic components and nutritional ingredients cooperated with patented dosage form with net-frame structure. Topical ointment made from natural ingredients including sesame oil, beeswax, and other edible herbs, which provide β-sitosterol, 18 natural amino acids, 4 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and polysaccharides. 
• Each tube contains 20 g or 40 g of ointment 
• Ointment is yellow with a sesame scent.
• Acute Wounds 
- Burn wounds including first degree, superficial second-degree, deep second-degree superficial type, deep second-degree deep type, superficial third-degree and deep third-degree burn wounds, burn wounds on bone, electronic burns and severe chemical burns  (Typical Clincal Cases Profiles)
- Surgical wounds including donor site wounds, cosmetic surgical wounds, ostomy wounds, wounds of circumcision, obstetrical wounds 
- Pressure wounds 
- Amputated limbs
• Chronic Wounds (Typical Clinical Cases Profiles) 
- Diabetic ulcers 
- Pressure ulcers 
- Soft tissue necrosis 
- Chemotherapeutic phlebitis 
- Radioepidermitis 
- Herpes zoster 
- Newborn diaper dermatitis 
- Common warts
The Picture Demonstration of Case Reports for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers Treated by MEBT/MEBO
More details about the application on other disorders besides burns
Product Advantages: 
• Maintains wound in a physiological moist environment 
• Promotes wound healing by activating and sustaining intrinsic regenerative potential of the body and cultivating stem cells of the body in situ and in vivo 
• Improves wound microcirculation in the zone of stasis 
• Protects wounds from potential infection 
• Minimizes pain and the use of analgesics 
• Restores physiological structure and function of the body 
• Promotes quality of healing by reducing scarring
Direction for Use: 
l          Local Burn Wound Treatment
l          Systemic Treatment -- MEBT
l          Online Vedio Shows
l          Ask Our Experts
• Room temperature 
• Seal tube tightly after each use
* Regulatorially approved in China as a pharmaceutical that can be sold as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug, and in 23 other countries as a botanical drug.