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April 29, 2023

Kevin Xu Meets with Chilean Ambassador to the United States

  On the morning of April 24th, local time, Kevin Xu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEBO Group and Co-Chair of the International Committee of the Bay Area Council, along with Jim Wunderman, CEO of the Bay Area Council, met with Chilean Ambassador to the United States Juan Gabriel Valdés and his delegation. Also present at the meeting were John Grubb, Chief Operating Officer of the Bay Area Council, and Sean Randolph, Senior Director of the Bay Area Council's Economic Institute and former Dean.
  During the meeting, Kevin Xu mentioned the project of "Wave of Restoration Regeneration: New MEBT Training in Latin America” launched by MEBO Group in 2019, which was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restarted only last year. Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdés expressed great interest in the project and was very supportive for its implementation in Chile. The Ambassador and his delegation had a productive meeting with the Bay Area Council for over an hour, reaching many agreements with Bay Area Councial on Chile's work for this year's APEC summit in San Francisco.