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March 08, 2021

Kevin Xu Attended the Online Commemoration at Obama Presidential Center

  On March 7, Kevin Xu was invited to participate in the online commemoration held at Obama Presidential Center, where they discussed the purpose and value of building the center.
  In 2013, since the idea of " developing drugs to regenerate damaged organs " was adopted by the Obama administration, President Obama and his administration have pay high attention to the science of organ regeneration and its patentee; Kevin Xu have attended the White House National Day Banquet and various social events organized by Obama for many times; Kevin Xu is a founding member of advisory board of the Obama Foundation. He has always been very supportive of the foundation’s work and put forward core strategies for selecting the location of the Obama Presidential Center and for the development of Obama Youth Leadership Project. Both President Obama and Kevin Xu attatched great importance to the training of young leaders.
  On March 7, 1965, American black people launched a freedom march to oppose racial discrimination and fight for political, economic and social rights, marking a new stage in the struggle for human rights in the United States. During Covid-19, civil rights have once again become the focus of society. The Obama Presidential Center was built to stress the importance of civil rights and inspire more people to take action in defending civil rights.
  The Obama Presidential Center is composed of the Presidential Library, the Museum and the Conference Center and a public plaza, costing more than US$500 million.