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June 24, 2024

Kevin Xu and Carlos Vasquez Discuss Future of APEC Initiatives

On June 21, 2024, Kevin Xu, Chairman of MEBO Group and former Chairman of the APEC Host Committee, met with Carlos Vasquez Corales at the Peruvian Foreign Ministry in Lima. Vasquez, the 2024 APEC Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) Chair and former Peruvian Ambassador to Singapore hosted Xu for an in-depth discussion on APEC's future.

Kevin Xu with Mr. Vasquez

Enhancing APEC's Impact

Chairman Xu commended Peru's efforts in preparing for APEC Week and highlighted the need to make APEC activities more accessible to a broader audience. Drawing from the success of the 2023 San Francisco APEC meeting, Xu proposed several initiatives to boost the event's effectiveness.

Xu suggested intellectual, technological, and cultural exchanges, such as the Silicon Valley Forum, launching a Spanish edition of a mainstream magazine, training in regenerative medical technology, and hosting an APEC Food Week. These activities aim to increase public participation and deliver tangible benefits.


Mutual Support and Future Collaboration

Vasquez expressed keen interest in these proposals, recognizing their potential to enhance the preparatory work. He assured Xu that the Peruvian Foreign Ministry's APEC Affairs Division would fully support MEBO Group's initiatives to ensure resource integration and mutual benefits. Both leaders expressed optimism about the upcoming APEC event in Peru, anticipating it to be a pivotal moment for regional cooperation and prosperity.

Since October 15, 2023, Vasquez has served as the APEC SOM Chair, a role he will hold until December 31, 2024. He collaborates with senior officials from member economies during this period to advance APEC's agenda. The meeting between Xu and Vasquez injected new energy and direction into APEC's future developments.



About MEBO

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