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June 17, 2024

Successful Conclusion of the 20th National Conference on Burn and Wound Repair by the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine

Xi'an,June 16, 2024 --The Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine (CAIM) and The Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (CBAIM) co-hosted the 20th National Conference on Burn and Wound Repair from June 14 to 16, 2024, in Xi'an. This significant event drew over 300 experts in regenerative medicine from across the country.

The conference spotlighted the critical importance of wound healing and chronic wound care systems in fostering a healthy China. Experts shared advancements in regenerative medical technology for burns and ulcers, presenting new theories, technologies, and methods in integrative medicine.


Esteemed Attendees, Expert Insights and Special Session on Chronic Wound Care

Prominent figures such as Professor Fan Daiming, Professor Lv Guozhong, and other leading experts attended. They reviewed the application of integrative regenerative medical technology, emphasizing patient-centered care and integrating modern and traditional medicine.

Addressing the rising need for chronic wound care, the conference included a dedicated session where senior nurses discussed best practices and comprehensive care for hard-to-heal wounds. These insights are vital for improving patient recovery rates.


In-Depth Discussions and Future Directions

The event concluded with dynamic presentations and valuable exchanges of clinical experiences. It opened new avenues for developing and applying integrative regenerative medical technology, promising a bright burn and wound care future.

The conference fostered academic discourse and paved the way for integrative medicine to lead future medical practices, reinforcing traditional Chinese medicine's global standing.



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