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May 04, 2024

Revolutionizing Wound Care: MEBO Highlights at the 34th EWMA Conference in London

London, UK – May 4, 2024 – From May 1-3, 2024, the 34th conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) took place at the EXCEL Exhibition Centre in London. This premier event, themed "In Cooperation with the Society of Tissue Viability," brought together nearly 5,000 experts from 93 countries, underscoring a global commitment to advance wound care through multidisciplinary collaboration.

The conference kicked off with EWMA Chairperson Kirsi Isoherranen acknowledging the diverse international support and emphasizing the essential role of global academic partnerships in advancing wound care standards. Over 100 lectures were delivered, presenting cutting-edge research and clinical practices that are setting new benchmarks in wound management.


MEBO International's Pioneering Role

MEBO International, a veteran participant since 2018, showcased its latest advancements in regenerative medicine technologies. Their exhibition booth became a hub for discussions on clinical applications of these innovations, enhanced by engaging activities such as prize quizzes to deepen attendees' understanding of the technologies.

Focus on Regenerative Medicine

The conference spotlighted the clinical efficacy of regenerative medicine, with notable presentations on its use in treating hard-to-heal post-surgery wounds and chronic wounds. These included breakthrough techniques in negative pressure applications and micrograft skin implantation, showcasing their potential to transform wound care practices.

Empowering Future Connections

On May 3, the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair held a symposium, marking a significant step towards building a robust European regenerative medicine network. This session highlighted successful case studies and innovative applications, setting the stage for the next gathering in Barcelona in March 2025.

MEBO International's contributions at the EWMA conference have not only enriched the dialogue on wound care but also strengthened the foundations for a trans-European network in regenerative medicine, promising exciting developments in future healthcare solutions.



About MEBO

Founded in 1987 by Professor Rongxiang Xu, a distinguished Chinese life scientist, Mebo Group is a multinational headquartered in both China and the USA. It integrates research, development, and sales across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health foods, and cosmetics sectors.

At its core, Mebo focuses on regenerative life sciences, innovating with over 100 patents and more than ten joint research bases to enhance and enable the body's own regenerative abilities.

As a leader in regenerative life science, Mebo's extensive research facilities and products impact over 100 countries globally, pioneering new frontiers in the regenerative life world.


About The International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair (ISRMWR)

Founded in February 2018, the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair is a global academic collective of regenerative medicine experts, physicians, and researchers. Since its inception, the society has elevated the field of regenerative medicine to new heights through international forums, academic training, and philanthropic initiatives.

The society's commitment to public welfare through international training has garnered accolades from prestigious organizations including the International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations Academic Impact, Bush Leadership Forum, George W. Bush Presidential Center, and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. In recognition of its significant contributions, the society's name is honored on the commemorative wall at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.


About EWMA

The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) is a European not-for-profit umbrella organisation, linking national wound management organisations, individuals and groups with interest in wound care. EWMA was founded in 1991, and the association works to promote the advancement of education and research into native epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of wounds of all aetiologies.

Central to EWMA’s objectives is to support implementation of interdisciplinary and cost effective wound care of high quality. EWMA works to reach its objectives by being an educational resource, organising conferences, contributing to international projects related to wound management, actively supporting the implementation of existing knowledge within wound management and providing information on all aspects of wound management.