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November 20, 2023

Kevin Xu Was Interviewed by CGTN

      On November 12th, Kevin Xu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEBO Group, Chair of the APEC Working Group of the Bay Area Council, and Co-Chair of the APEC 2023 Host Committee, was interviewed by CGTN on the Klamath ferry at Pier 9 in San Francisco. The Klamath ferry, built in 1925, was renovated and docked at the San Francisco waterfront. Now, it is the headquarter of the Bay Area Committee.

      During the interview, Kevin Xu mentioned the potential benefits of the upcoming APEC for San Francisco. He emphasized that for the entire city, this was a tremendous opportunity. Since the establishment of the United Nations, it was the most significant international event hosted by the city and it provided a gold opportunity for the city .

      Recently, Governor Newsom visited China and the received by President Xi Jinping. President Xi said the foundation and hope of China-US relations lies with the people, the future lies with the youth, and the vitality lies with subnational entities. Kevin Xu said: “By the end of the day, it is how those people took this message back, how these people actually take home of the information. I would say, I would recall a word from governor Newsom during his visit in China. He said San Francisco has first China Town built in the United States, and by having this opportunities to invite delegations, especially delegations from China, to come to visit cities of SF, you basically have an opportunity to show him around in China Town, how Chinese people live here, and how they carry their culture from their mother country to the US. Then, therefore, you see a transformation, and also another way to reflect inclusivity, inclucivity of culture that people from China built their China Town based on their vision. How dos China become a strong bond, just like the bridge you see that actually has a strong hold of people, especially vitality from the local.”

      30 years ago in 1993, the APEC Leaders' Meeting in Seattle proposed open multilateral relations and strengthened cooperation among countries. A wave of protectionism swelled after that. Now, the world's attention is focused on San Francisco as it hosts the most important global gathering of leaders this year. It presents a golden opportunity for the entire city to garner attention and serves as a catalyst for economic transformation.