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June 22, 2024

Kevin Xu and Fernando Zavala Discuss Future APEC Initiatives Over Breakfast

On June 21, 2024, Kevin Xu, Chairman of MEBO Group and former Chairman of the APEC Host Committee, attended a breakfast meeting hosted by Fernando Zavala, former Peruvian Prime Minister and 2024 APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Chair. The conference at the Interbank headquarters in Lima focused on APEC-related discussions.

Kevin Xu and Fernando Zavala

APEC Success Stories and Future Plans

During their conversation, Chairman Xu shared insights from the successful 2023 APEC event in San Francisco and thanked Zavala for his efforts toward the 2024 APEC in Peru. Xu introduced MEBO Group's upcoming initiatives to improve local livelihoods, advance medical technology, and foster cultural exchanges. These include collaborations with ANIQUEM (Association for the Aid of Burned Children) and local regenerative medicine training programs. Zavala, pleased with the discussion, expressed his eagerness to collaborate with the MEBO Group to enhance community involvement in APEC activities.

Fernando Zavala Introduces Lima to Kevin Xu

Strengthening Ties and Expanding Collaboration

Zavala reminisced about his long-standing relationship with the Clinton Global Initiative, sharing meaningful anecdotes. Kevin Xu, a strategic partner of the Clinton Global Initiative, invited Zavala to the 2024 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. Zavala showed strong interest in attending.

The upcoming APEC 2024 not only strengthens the friendship between Xu and Zavala but also marks a deepening of their cooperative efforts. Together, they aim to advance their shared vision for APEC, fostering a future of collaboration and mutual benefit.






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