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December 15, 2023

MEBO Is Recommended for Colorectal and Anal Surgery by the Book: Clinical Colorectal and Anal Surgery

  Recently, the book "Clinical Colorectal and Anal Surgery" edited by the nationally renowned colorectal surgery expert Professor Li Chunyu, and published by the People's Health Publishing House, has been officially released.

  The book, characterized by an integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in treatment, focuses on new techniques and therapies, and is richly illustrated. In this book, it is written that Moist Exposed Burn Ointment was invented by Professor Xu Rongxiang, a leading figure in the treatment of burns and ulcers. In 1991, MEBT/MEBO was identified as the national major achievement of science and technology, and was selected by the Ministry of Health of the P.R.C. to be one of the first ten major medical technologies being promoted and popularized across the grass-roots of the country. It obtained multiple patents internationally and has been recognized by the United Nations as an international emergency medicine. It can create a moist environment for wounds, promoting liquefaction and removal of necrotic tissues. It forms a membrane on the wound's surface, isolating external stimuli, protecting damaged nerve endings and alleviating wound pain. Additionally, it alters the bacterial environment to prevent wound infections. It promotes the growth of new blood vessels in wound tissue, improving microcirculation and providing ample nutrients to the wound area. Thus, regenerative restoration can be achieved. Moreover, it inhibits proliferation of fibroblasts in wound tissue to prevent the formation of scars.
  The book highlights the widespread clinical use of MEBO in treating a range of injuries beyond burns. The book shows its therapeutic effects on abrasions, severed fingers, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. Notably, for post-operative anal and rectal wounds, it acts by creating a barrier against feces and intestinal fluids, safeguarding exposed nerves, enhancing wound microcirculation, easing anal muscle spasms. So, it can reduce swelling and pain, thus promoting wound healing.
  The book, centered on clinical experience and practical application, represents the collective expertise of more than 40 prominent and authoritative experts and scholars in the field of colorectal and anal surgery in China. It holds immense academic and practical significance.