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March 14, 2014

President of Slovakia Received Human Body Regeneration & Restoration Science Written by Dr. Xu Rongxiang

President of Slovakia Received Human Body Regeneration & Restoration Science Written by Dr. Xu Rongxiang
On the morning of March 10th of 2014, delegations of IEF headed for Slovakia to visit President I. Gasparovic, Mr. P. Kasalovsky, on behalf of IEF Club, presented the English version of Human Body Regeneration & Restoration Science written by Dr. Xu Rongxiang. President I. Gasparovic was very happy and accepted the precious and unique gift, looking forward to learning from the most valuable scientific work related to life science. This book, serving as the collection of most advanced scientific results, contains secrets about life resources that can change destiny of Slovakia and the whole world.
The IEF Club, as the special ambassador for the development of Human Body Regeneration & Restoration Science in Europe, undertakes the mission to establish regenerative life application system in Europe. It is an active force to promote our science in Europe and a major power to accelerate New UN Plan. The IEF Club, attracting high level human resources, will promote, apply and share our life science results with the help of all policy makers and business leaders around the world in order to jointly deploy the development of the life science. Just as what Mr. P. Kasalovsky said that though human body regeneration and restoration science and results are unbelievable or even magic, we are still proud of and confident about it, hoping to spread it to all corners of the world.
  Since its founding in 1993, IEF Club keeps its active presence and exerts profound influence in many countries in such field as politics, economy, society and humanity through various political, economic and internal and foreign events. Therefore, it is highly evaluated and praised in European countries and maintains close and friendly relationship with business leaders of various countries and plays an important role in European and world economic structure. As the Ambassador to promote Human Body Regeneration & Restoration Science, IEF Club has long been fulfilling its mission and promoting our science in Europe.
  The book presented to the President will help him understand more about the value, meaning and the clinical results of the science, serving as one of the most important part in the development. This book, more than 300,000 characters and about 600 pictures about fundamental test or clinical practice, is a collection of results about human body regeneration and restoration science. The clinical results are unprecedented in contemporary life science and medical circle. The research results are impressive.
With the global development of our science, IEF Club enjoys more and more speaking rights in life science and life resources in Europe and around the world. It also enjoys more power and targets at the global development of human life resources. The application of such science is faster and faster and the role of it becomes more and more important. We are looking forward to sharing our results in Americas and Europe.
March 10th of 2014, 11:00, I. Gasparovic, President of Slovakia, welcomed IEF Club representatives and expressed his sincere greeting to P. Kasalovsky.
President of Slovakia received Human Body Regeneration & Restoration Science by Dr. Xu Rongxiang
President of Slovakia (middle on the left) held discussions with members of IEF.
The President expressed his gratitude towards P. Kasalovsky and confirmed his efforts to promote local economy.