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December 06, 2013

President of IEF Dr. Peter Kasalovsky Visits MEBO

President of IEF Dr. Peter Kasalovsky Visits MEBO
On December 3rd, 2013, in the early winter of Beijing, we witnessed the enthusiasm and vigor of MEBO International Group. Today, we welcomed the President of IEF, Dr. Peter Kasalovsky, his wife Ms. Lubica Kaslovska, winners of Golden Biatec in 2008 and Michal Kravcik, well-known water resources management expert, and his wife.
Since its founding in 1993, IEF Club, under the leadership of Dr. Petra Kasalovsky, keeps active in Europe and many countries around the world in such field as politics, economy, society and humanity through various political, economic and other internal and foreign events. And, President Peter enjoys high reputation in Europe, including Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and other countries and regions around. He keeps close relationship with presidents of many countries and leaders of in commerce and political circle and is called by others the “Perfect Man”.
And, the winners of Golden Biatec (the highest award of IEF) are all pioneers in politics, economy, finance, science, education and religion of various countries. Therefore, it is regarded as an international award in global politics, commerce and science circle.
In 2013, IEF issued Golden Biatec to Prof. Xu Rongxiang, Board Chairman of MEBO International Group and inventor of Human Body Organ Regeneration Science to confirm his contributions in regeneration of damaged organ and prolonging human life span. On October 24th of 2013, IEF issued this award to Prof. Xu who delivered a speech. From then on, the cooperation between MEBO and IET started and a new era will emerge.

His special visit to MEBO and meeting with Prof. Xu promote the global value of human body regeneration science and provide a reasonable suggestion for the future development and establishment of better world and to eradicate hungry, poverty, ignorance and diseases.
For the past few years, IEF, as an important supernational organization, takes important role in European and world economic and political circle. The events it has organized serve as important factors that influence Europe and the whole world. At the same time, it is regarded as an example to develop transnational societies in Europe and around the world.
As the leader of IEF, Peter has long been following his ideas and fulfilling his task in order to promote various events that benefit Europe and the world and to make more contributions to the international social development. He is aware of the value of human body organ regeneration science and is sincerely devoting himself for its development and is looking forward to the complete change of human life quality.
Prof. Xu warmly received Dr. Peter Kasalovsky and Mr. Yang Zhibin, President of MEBO, Ms. Zhang Qian, Chen Baoqi and Suxia, Vice President of MEBO accompanied throughout the meeting.

In their warm meeting, Dr. Xu and Dr. Peter Kasalovsky conducted a profound meeting for a whole afternoon. Dr. Xu told Dr. Peter Kasalovsky that MEBO science has now been established and has dominated the world advanced science circle. Next, MEBO will cooperate with IEF to establish clubs and promote MEBO in Europe and benefit human beings with its mature scientific results.
He said that MEBO will establish a medical “United Nation” based on the powerful strength and resources of IEF and benefit peoples in Europe and all other countries around the world. At the same time, Prof. Xu told all guests that an informal interview was held between President Obama and Mr. Kevin, President of MEBO (US). MEBO science is accepted by US government. Currently, our science is waiting to be approved. But, the results will definitely be positive, since MEBO science has achieved its results.

Through all previously efforts and events, we can find out that United States, as the most powerful country in the world, has accepted our science first and created a heat wave of regenerative life science. Then, Europe follows and issued Golden Biatec to Prof. Xu and many media of various countries reported the event. All these proved that they all need our science. The development of regenerative life science is a matter that influences the life science in 21st century. We follow the trend and observed that all countries in the world are willing to develop it, be it developed countries or developing countries. All peoples are waiting for the era of organ regeneration science and looking forward to the regenerative life world advocated by Prof. Xu and to the bright future of all human beings.
Judging by the situations, we closely cooperate with multinational organizations and traditional sovereignty countries for more cooperation, share of resources and mutual support. The regenerative life world will definitely unite all peoples and countries around the world.
During his visit, Prof. Xu showed our clubs to Dr. Peter Kasalovsky and displayed the scientific results and fruits of human body organ regeneration as well as the process of skin regeneration and gastrointestinal rejuvenation. All guests was shocked and expressed their desire to experience the magical feeling of regeneration science.  
Peter was talkative and his ideas echoes that of Prof. Xu. He said he was shocked by the MEBO scientific achievements through videos displayed previously. And he kept promoting MEBO since then. Today, his visit will enhance his impression about the truth of MEBO science and help establish our faith in promoting organ regenerative science.
He said that MEBO science was just like magic in his eyes. However, he will keep his faith and wishes further cooperation to benefit more people in Europe and even the whole world.
IEF is responsible for the issuance of Golden Biatec which enjoys reputation in commerce, politics and science circle. Fifteen Presidents in Europe, including Putin, have been awarded the award. It is a high level union that can influence politicians and can coordinate high level political and economic resources.
The IEF club gathers together top level human resources to realize coordinated and collective development of human regeneration science, promote the rapid expansion and profound development of regeneration science in the world and to establish the powerful industrial chain of human body regenerative life.
With the globalization of world economy, the supernational organization is increasingly important to world economy. Some nation group and international group, such as United Nation, IEF and World Bank, started to surpass the traditional boundary of every sovereign nations, which poses greater influences over international political and economic progress.
As IEF gets more power in Europe and around the world, it will play more important role in world economic development and in establishing regeneration world.
The whole-day visit came to an end in a banquet. Then, Prof. Xu will conduct dialog with Peter about cooperation and development of MEBO science. They both believed that this is a chance for all of them to promote it to the whole world and to guide world people to regeneration life world, enjoy MEBO science and realize health and longevity of human beings.

The truth behind the life science has now been disclosed for the first time 30 years later and it changes the world and leads the human beings to a better world of regenerative life.
Our future is changing…