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December 25, 2023

MEBO Group Provided Assistance to Gansu Earthquake-Stricken Area

  On the evening of December 18th, an unexpected earthquake hit Jishishan, Gansu, adding more cold to the already frozen northwest region covered in snow. Over a hundred lives were lost and countless families individuals awaited rescue in the chilling winds.

  A rescue team of MEBO Group traversed thousands of miles of icy mountains and deserts to deliver emergency supplies and disaster relief items to the disaster-stricken area.

  The arrival of MEBO was warmly welcomed by the locals. They expressed heartfelt gratitude for the timely assistance and compassion of MEBO Group.

  Where there is a need, MEBO is present. Whenever major disasters strike, MEBO is always among the first to appear at the scene, standing alongside the affected people. The MEBO Group, motivated by a strong sense of compassion, offers spiritual support and comfort to those in disaster-stricken areas.

  While an earthquake may shake houses, it cannot break a heart filled with profound love. As a mission-oriented enterprise, MEBO Group remains dedicated to upholding the legacy of Professor Rongxiang Xu - a legacy of compassion, life-saving endeavors - and spreading warmth to humanity.

  Let's join together in wishing Jishishan, Gansu, unwavering unity like rock, strength as mighty as mountains, an early triumph over the disaster!"