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April 10, 2024

MEBO International Chairman Kevin Xu Visits Obama Foundation

On April 9, 2024, Kevin Xu, Chairman of MEBO International, was officially hosted by the Obama Foundation. During his visit, Mr. Xu engaged in substantive discussions with Mike Strautmanis, the Foundation's Executive Vice President. The dialogue centered around the Foundation's mission and history, the architectural vision of the Obama Presidential Center, and the progression of the Obama Scholars program.

As a key strategist in the development of the Obama Presidential Center, Kevin Xu played a pivotal role in site selection and conceptualizing core values, injecting fresh momentum into the project. Moreover, the Global Development Studies program launched by the Kevin Xu Initiative at the University of Chicago has become a core component of the curriculum for Obama Scholars and is integral to the Obama Young Leaders initiative

Additionally, Kevin Xu, serving as the Chairman of APEC 2023 and Honorary Chairman for APEC 2024, discussed upcoming initiatives with Mr. Strautmanis concerning the 2024 APEC summit. They reviewed Xu's participation in the APEC CEO summit and the private dinner with Peruvian President Dina Boluarte in November 2023, as well as a strategic video conference in January 2024 with Luciano Paredes, Executive Director of the APEC CEO summit in Peru. Discussions focused on leveraging the successes of APEC 2023 to enhance the 2024 summit in Peru.


The Obama Presidential Center, slated to open in late 2025, will not only house a museum, library, conference center, and sports complex but will also serve as a premier venue for various events, showcasing President Obama's political legacy and achievements.



About MEBO

Founded in 1987 by Professor Rongxiang Xu, a distinguished Chinese life scientist, Mebo Group is a multinational headquartered in both China and the USA. It integrates research, development, and sales across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health foods, and cosmetics sectors.

At its core, Mebo focuses on regenerative life sciences, innovating with over 100 patents and more than ten joint research bases to enhance and enable the body's own regenerative abilities.

As a leader in regenerative life science, Mebo's extensive research facilities and products impact over 100 countries globally, pioneering new frontiers in the regenerative life world.


About Obama Foundation

Founded in 2014, the Obama Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for American citizens through its partnerships with various centers. In collaboration with the Kevin Xu Initiative, the Foundation commits to global philanthropy and scientific advancement.

Kevin Xu, Chairman of MEBO International and founder of the Kevin Xu Initiative (KXI) at the University of Chicago, also serves as a founding member of the Obama Foundation's Advisory Committee. He participated in the Obama Foundation's Global Youth Leaders Roundtable, where discussions on collaborative scientific advancements in organ regeneration and brain research were a focal point.

Additionally, both entities have jointly propelled the development of technology and medicine. EquiTech Futures, launched by the KXI, has received backing from the Obama Foundation and has been implemented in the Obama Young Leaders program. This collaboration not only deepens the partnership in scientific research and philanthropy but also contributes significantly to the global advancement of public welfare.