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April 24, 2024

MEBO Group Enhances Global Healthcare Through APEC 2024 Partnership in Peru

On April 19, 2024, the MEBO Group marked a significant milestone in international healthcare collaboration by visiting ANIQUEM, a leading nonprofit organization in Lima, Peru. This visit, aligned with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2024 activities, underscores MEBO's commitment to leveraging its expertise in burn treatment and rehabilitation across the globe.


Fostering Dialogue and Cooperation at APEC

The initiative began with a pivotal dialogue at the APEC summit in November last year, where MEBO’s Chairman, Kevin Xu, engaged with Peruvian President Dina Boluarte. Their discussions focused on enhancing MEBO's role in the forthcoming APEC activities and its broader contributions to global health. This led to a fruitful partnership with the APEC Peru Organizing Committee (COMEXPERU), setting the stage for a series of healthcare-focused events in 2024.


COMEXPERU has embraced this collaboration enthusiastically, organizing events that concentrate on advancing burn treatment protocols and rehabilitation techniques. MEBO’s engagement with local entities like ANIQUEM facilitates the exchange of critical medical knowledge and practices, enhancing the capabilities of both organizations in managing and preventing burn injuries.


A Visit to ANIQUEM: Sharing Knowledge and Resources

During their visit, MEBO’s Vice President Liu Gang and representatives from the International Department explored ways to deepen public welfare cooperation aligned with APEC themes and the Clinton Global Initiative. ANIQUEM, a self-sustaining NGO, has been at the forefront of providing rehabilitation services to the underprivileged, particularly young burn survivors, for over 25 years. In the last year alone, they have impacted the lives of 2,859 patients, with significant attention to children under five.

The MEBO delegation was welcomed by Cecilia, the head of ANIQUEM, who provided an extensive overview of the organization’s evolution, current operations, and impact. The visitors toured the facility, observing various therapeutic and rehabilitative processes, including physical rehabilitation, psychological counseling, and specialized treatments like hydrotherapy and burn pressure mask therapies.

Subsequent discussions highlighted MEBO’s ongoing commitment to pediatric care in Peru, sharing insights into the company's origins, growth, and significant achievements in public welfare. Both teams deliberated on practical steps for future collaborations, such as donations, medical training programs, and child care initiatives, aiming to formalize an action plan to accelerate these activities.


A Commitment to Global Health and Community Support

This visit not only broadened MEBO’s influence in the international healthcare arena but also reinforced its role as a mission-driven organization committed to significant contributions to global community health. Through continued partnerships and initiatives, MEBO remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and healthcare standards worldwide, embodying its core mission of service and innovation in medical practice.



About MEBO

Founded in 1987 by Professor Rongxiang Xu, a distinguished Chinese life scientist, Mebo Group is a multinational headquartered in both China and the USA. It integrates research, development, and sales across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health foods, and cosmetics sectors.

At its core, Mebo focuses on regenerative life sciences, innovating with over 100 patents and more than ten joint research bases to enhance and enable the body's own regenerative abilities.

As a leader in regenerative life science, Mebo's extensive research facilities and products impact over 100 countries globally, pioneering new frontiers in the regenerative life world.


About Kevin Xu

Kevin Xu serves as the CEO of MEBO Group and Skingenix Inc., bringing pioneering advancements in the health and skincare industries. He holds prestigious roles including the Co-Chair of the APEC 2023 Host Committee. Additionally, he is an Executive Board member and Co-Chair of the International Committee at the Bay Area Council, actively shaping international policies and collaborations.

Xu's commitment extends beyond corporate leadership to significant philanthropic and advisory roles. He founds the National Rongxiang Xu Foundation, the Human Heritage Project, and leads initiatives like the California Fight Against Coronavirus. His influence spans academia and policy-making, serving on advisory boards at top institutions like Harvard Medical School and Caltech, and initiatives such as the Kevin Xu Neurotechnology Center.

Recognized globally, Xu contributes to high-profile publications and has been honored at the United Nations and by the White House. His leadership fosters broad societal impact, driving forward both medical innovation and global health initiatives.


About COMEXPERU and APEC 2024

COMEXPERU, the Peruvian Trade Association, plays a pivotal role in shaping Peru’s trade policies and international economic interactions, particularly with its engagement in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2024. As an influential entity in government administration and trade advocacy, COMEXPERU facilitates Peru's active participation in APEC discussions, focusing on regional economic integration and sustainable development. This involvement ensures that Peru's economic interests are well-represented and align with broader APEC goals, strengthening regional cooperation and enhancing Peru's position in the Asia-Pacific economic landscape.