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April 11, 2024

MEBO and ABA Champion Empathy and Regenerative Medicine at Chicago Conference

On April 9, 2024, the 56th annual American Burn Association (ABA) conference successfully convened in Chicago. Attracting over 2,000 global experts, this event marked a significant moment for academic engagement in burn care, providing a vital international platform for deep discussion and advancement in burn treatment.

During the opening ceremony, ABA President Robert Cartotto emphasized the need for healthcare professionals to offer empathetic care to patients, helping restore their confidence and courage. Aligning with its mission to advance regenerative life sciences, MEBO International's vision resonated strongly with the ABA's goals. MEBO's Chairman, Kevin Xu, and Vice President, Liu Gang, participated prominently, discussing deepening collaborations and accelerating global development of regenerative medical technologies with key ABA members.

Highlighting the event, 2023 marked the first year APEC included burn treatment and disaster relief in its agenda, establishing a united front among various APEC member economies to address global burn issues. As Chair of the APEC 2023 committee, Kevin Xu stressed the importance of fostering a sustainable cooperative ecosystem, attracting more international experts to benefit patients worldwide.

As the conference's top sponsor, MEBO International showcased the latest advancements in regenerative medicine for burn care, sparking significant interest and discussion among experts. Interactive sessions on wound care and knowledge quizzes engaged many attendees, enhancing their understanding of regenerative medical techniques.



About MEBO

Founded in 1987 by Professor Rongxiang Xu, a distinguished Chinese life scientist, Mebo Group is a multinational headquartered in both China and the USA. It integrates research, development, and sales across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health foods, and cosmetics sectors.

At its core, Mebo focuses on regenerative life sciences, innovating with over 100 patents and more than ten joint research bases to enhance and enable the body's own regenerative abilities.

As a leader in regenerative life science, Mebo's extensive research facilities and products impact over 100 countries globally, pioneering new frontiers in the regenerative life world.


About ABA

The American Burn Association (ABA), established in 1967 in Illinois, USA, dedicates itself to enhancing the quality of life for burn victims.It actively supports and promotes advancements in medical treatment, care, education, rehabilitation, and prevention in the field of burn injuries.

Since 2016, Mebo International has been a significant collaborator, participating in annual ABA conferences and establishing a deep strategic partnership with the ABA. The ABA plays a key role in implementing Mebo International's proposal under the Clinton Global Initiative, "The Europe Repair Project: Empowering the Construction of a Regenerative Medicine Network in Europe." During the 2023 APEC conference, former ABA President Tina Palmieri and current President Robert Cartotto participated in the APEC 2023 Briefing on Burns, initiated by Kevin Xu, Co-Chair of the APEC 2023 Host Committee. This collaboration focused on burn issues, aiming to address global burn challenges and expand knowledge sharing and cooperation.