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April 26, 2024

Advancing Wound Management: MEBO International's Successful Training Program in Indonesia

From April 21st to 26th, MEBO International successfully conducted a week-long regenerative medicine training program across key hospitals in Indonesia. This initiative was not just a series of workshops; it was a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing local healthcare capabilities and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation under the guidance of Indonesia's Ministry of Health. As a flagship medical strategy, regenerative medicine received strong support from participating hospitals, marking a significant leap in healthcare collaboration.


In-depth Educational Forums

On April 22nd, the MEBO team initiated their mission at the military hospital's plastic and general surgery departments, hosting a dynamic roundtable on regenerative medicine. The discussion, featuring over 30 prominent doctors and nurses, provided a deep dive into the clinical applications of regenerative medicine. Major General Diryankes, the hospital director, praised the long-standing application of these techniques in military hospitals across provinces and recognized the value of such exchanges in deepening medical understanding and looking forward to more academic interactions.


Broadening Medical Expertise

In the following two days, the team visited Medan's central public hospital in North Sumatra, engaging with over 80 healthcare professionals. They detailed the standard practices in regenerative medicine and wound management, answering numerous questions and earning high praise for their thorough explanations.


Continued Educational Outreach

From April 25th to 26th, the journey continued to Surabaya, East Java, where they trained more than 100 healthcare staff at Sukuto public hospital. Experts addressed the hospital's clinical gaps in regenerative medicine, offering detailed insights into the mechanisms, indications, and research aspects of this field. Deputy Director Professor David shared his inspiration from attending a national conference on burn and wound repair in China five years ago and his commitment to promoting regenerative medicine in the region, which was delayed by the pandemic. He expressed eagerness to re-establish collaborative efforts with MEBO International to advance local wound management academic progress.


As a vital member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Indonesia is crucial in shaping health initiatives across Southeast Asia. MEBO International's recent engagements have not only strengthened community ties but have also revitalized the regional medical infrastructure, propelling forward the economic and healthcare advancements within the APEC territories. This initiative underscores the pivotal role of international cooperation in advancing healthcare standards globally.



About MEBO

Founded in 1987 by Professor Rongxiang Xu, a distinguished Chinese life scientist, Mebo Group is a multinational headquartered in both China and the USA. It integrates research, development, and sales across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health foods, and cosmetics sectors.

At its core, Mebo focuses on regenerative life sciences, innovating with over 100 patents and more than ten joint research bases to enhance and enable the body's own regenerative abilities.

As a leader in regenerative life science, Mebo's extensive research facilities and products impact over 100 countries globally, pioneering new frontiers in the regenerative life world.