The development of MEBO International is not only the advancement of regenerative life science and technology, and the economic development of an enterprise entity, but also embodies the continuation and infiltration of a broad and profound spiritual belief and mission. The vivid and mission-driven mental impetus--striving for human regenerative life--has always been integrated into the strategic plan of MEBO International, which not only uplifts the enterprise strategic significance to the level of human social development, but also makes the people enjoy the pleasure of doing good for the world at the same time of developing the enterprise economy.

Striving for human regenerative life by making use of regenerative life science

Striving for human regenerative life is the faith and mission of MEBO International and also the eternal drive of MEBO International moving forward. With the clinical practice and development of regenerative life science and technology, MEBO International can meet the high expectations of the world people towards life, such as extending human life and overcoming refractory disease, tremendously improving the quality of human life.


Objectives--achieving great science, big economy and major development

Great science means creating new scientific achievements that can change the era, big economy refers to establishing a leading economy of life with historic significance, while major development is the common development by uniting together the global resources. With regenerative life science as the core, MEBO International will constantly open up international development platform, construct the large far-reaching industry chain of regenerative life and establish a community of common destiny for human life health.

Development philosophy--respecting life and conforming to life attributes

Only by respecting the natural attributes of life and conforming to the true law of life, can we find the correct development direction for life science. Only the development model centering on human life can guarantee the long-term development of the world civilization. Moreover, including the development of human life, the development of other human life-related lives, ecological chains, ecological resources and environment should all conform to the basic law of life and the fundamental laws of Nature.