Life Science is a science that deals with the process and law of life activities and the interactional laws of life and environment. In the global development process of science, the 21st century is considered as 'The Era of Life Science'. The backbone of the progress of science is based on the research on the essence of matter and the secret of life extension. Although gene and embryonic stem cells research, initiated by European and American scientists, allows us to understand ourselves better, clinical applicable technologies and products are far less than our expectation by far. What we need is a faster and more practical biomedical research direction in order to maintain people's health and longevity. 

  MEBO Group is the source of Regenerative Medicine for human tissue organs, the source of science & technology of in situ cell clone for human organs, the source of technology of in vitro cell & organ clone and the source of regenerative substances for human life continuation & regeneration. Therefore, MEBO takes the lead worldwide in the fields of cell, stem cell, organ regeneration and human cell energy. 


  American patent platform (US6991813) – physiological tissue repair and functional organ regeneration by cultivation of regenerative stem cells in vivo and in situ- is the basis for subsequent patent application in other countries and MEBO Group has obtained more than 60 patents in China, the United States, Europe and Japan by far, including Potential Regenerative Cells and its culture, repair of regenerative physiological tissues and functional organs via in situ and in vivo culture of stem cell, and etc.


  A global intellectual property strategy is the key for MEBO Group to maintaining a competitive edge in international competition and to having a voice in the field of regenerative life science. MEBO Group has 7 original academic monographs, including Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy which, published by Swiss famous publishing house - KARGER in 2004, has been collected by many world top universities and organizations, like the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Yale, MIT, University of London, University of Sydney and the University of Tokyo and Karolinska Inst Stockholm Sweden. Besides, the books Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science, Blue Book for Burns Medical Technology and Complete Book of Burns Treatment have also been included into the U.S. National Library of Medicine. 


  MEBO Group owns 207 domestic trademarks and 73 international trademarks, establishing a well-round intellectual property protection system.  These patents, monographs and trademarks all contribute to the improvement of its competitiveness in the world market and for the development of its international strategy. The science and technology of MEBO Group will bring changes to the world, improving the health and life quality of all human beings.