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MEBO International,inc.(California,U.S.A)




MEBO International, Inc. (California, U.S.A.) 

MEBO International, Inc. (California, U.S.A.) 

MEBO International, Inc. (California, U.S.A.) 

MEBO International, Inc. (California, U.S.A.)


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In May 7, 1990, the American Newsweek Newsweek published an article entitled "a simple way to save life". It reported that in the treatment of burns, although the skin graft is only a closed wound, a disability, but no other method, it can only improve the skin graft technology, but it was founded in China. A simple way to burn skin regeneration without skin grafting. " ,

In 2004, the KARGER published "Burn Regenerative Medicine and therapy" had a great impact on the world. At that time, well-known life scientists from Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries visited China to exchange stem cells with Xu Rongxiang; the Swedish Scientific Committee commissioned the national television station to visit China; the University of Denver of American history. Xu Rongxiang made a special academic report at the University. The book has been collected by the National Medical Library of the United States, Harvard, Oxford, Standford, Yale, MIT, University College London, University of Sydney, University of Tokyo, and the Nobel Institute for physiology and medicine, the Karolinska Institutet, and other top universities in Sweden.

In February 2013, the president of the United States, Obama, was published in the state of the Union address. In the chapter on science and technology, the "use of drugs to regenerate damaged organs" is a new national policy for the development of life science. This is the core of Mabel's patent rights registered in the United States.

In the middle of 2013, Xu Rongxiang opened the secret and actual achievements of human life in the world. The media of the American society, Reuters, China new society, Bloomberg, Agence France-Presse, TASS and other media published the results of Xu Rongxiang's regeneration of life technology. Xu Rongxiang also won the "Golden Biatec" International Award for the European informal economic forum because of "completing the science and technology of human organ regeneration and changing the rules of human science". Regenerative life science began to gain more discourse power and dominance in the world and become an important pulse in the development of regenerative life science.

In May 2015, Xu Peng carried on the banner of regenerative life and led MEBO into the high-speed track of the development of the world. It not only strengthened the international academic platform cooperation, rammed the scientific academic value and academic status by cooperating with many well-known international institutions and research institutions, and continued to participate in the international health affairs, but also continued to participate in the international health affairs. The rise of MEBO's international influence and appeal has opened up the golden age of MEBO's global development.