Beijing Rongxiang Institute of Regenerative Medicine accepts the applicants (in health, in sub-health, with severe disorders or with cancer defined by physical examination of modern medicine) who require the body regenerative restoration by the way of Human Body Regeneration Restoration Science as the member, the police on membership as followed:

1.Member-Commitment Approach: The institute offers the paid service with commitment to the regenerative effects for members. The applicants obtain the membership after the petition, the health assessment, the audit and the accomplishment of the singing of Human Body Regeneration Restoration Commitment Agreement (the agreement explicitly identifies the committed indicators/targets that are defined as the effective signs of body regenerative restoration). Then, both parties perform the terms formulated in the agreement. If the institute could not realize the restoration of the committed indicators/targets, the membership fee would be returned to the member.

2.Service Classifications of Membership: According to the health status of the applicants, the service classifications are: the first membership to slow down the ageing process for the healthy ones; the second membership to restore the aged organs; the third membership to restore the healthy status for the sub-healthy group; the fourth membership to restore the clients with severe and chronic disorders; the fifth membership to restore the ones with tumor; the sixth membership to give the second life for the one with late phase cancer. The above are generally termed as the membership of human body regeneration restoration.

3.Procedures of Membership: The applicant holding the recommendation letter from the referrer applies for the membership (referrer: must be the member of the institute and the holder of recommendation qualification); then fill in the application form with the provision of the overall health examination data; after that, the institute will conduct a comprehensive health assessment to the applicant; after the audit, Human Body Regeneration Restoration Commitment Agreement will be delivered to the applicant; sign the agreement with the payment of the membership fee; then the applicant will be approved as the membership of human body regeneration restoration.

4.Membership Fee: The membership fee is consisted of two parts: the one is the registration fee: for ten years or five years; the other is the costs of yearly maintenance that are in line with the different membership classifications (come to terms in the agreement)
The membership fee (take 1 million CNY of 2009 as the cardinal number) is yearly increased up to 20%. The membership fee of 2011 is 1.5 million CNY (for ten years) and 0.8 million CNY (for 5 years). The beneficiary of the membership can be appointed.
The cost of yearly maintenance is increased up to 25% for each year, not including the first year after enrollment. The cost of yearly maintenance of 2011 is 0.2 million CNY for the healthy ones, 0.25 million CNY for the sub-healthy ones; the costs of yearly maintenance for the other classifications of membership are determined by both parties in accordance with the members requirements.

5.The Experiencing Period for Enrollment: If the applicants have no referrer to be recommended, the experiencing period for one month is necessary to be given. And the applicant needs to pre-pay 50 thousand CNY as the experiencing cost and sign the agreement of experiencing period that the institute promises the improvement on the applicant's four life indicators (Vigor, Energy, Spirit, Strength) that are chosen as the evaluating factors. After the end of experiencing period, the applicant carries out an evaluation for the effects of regenerative restoration and then can choose to be the membership. The experiencing cost is included in the registration fee.

6.Global membership: The institute will install up the branches called 'LIFE 300 CLUB' in the metropolis all over the world that will offer the around-the-clock service by full-time technical advisor and experts for all members. The member who has gained the pass of global qualification can enjoy the service with high quality provided by LIFE 300 CLUB any where and any time.

Beijing Rongxiang Institute of Regenerative Medicine
Dec 12th, 2010