The Institute is an organ that aims for achievement the human "longevity and health" according to theories of "Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science". Here the "longevity" means to prolong at least double the lifespan of body organs, prevention organismic senescence and various diseases caused by the senescence, sustentation strong state of life. Here "health" means no senescence-associated illnesses (such as liver fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, renal fibrosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) which are considered as incurable disease by current medicine. The technology of "Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science" has in situ regenerated and restored from organ suffering from chronic illness or advance senescent, eliminated illnesses, and achieved health. The Institute is currently sole temple that prevents senescence, prolongs life, and eliminates organismic senescence diseases.

The institute provides service with commitment to the regenerative effects for members. It accepts the applicants (in health, in sub-health, with severe disorders or with cancer defined by physical examination of modern medicine) who require the body regenerative restoration by the way of Human Body Regeneration Restoration Science as the member. If the institute could not realize the restoration of the committed indicators/targets, the membership fee would be returned to the member. The institute promises the improvement on the applicant's four life indicators (Vigor, Energy, Spirit, Strength) that are chosen as the evaluating factors.