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MEBO Dressing for Accelerating Wound Healing
Name:  MEBO Dressing for     Accelerating Wound Healing

100mm x 40mm/100mm/150mm/300mm

Update:  2009-12-2
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Product Description:
• Soft cloth adhesive wound dressing impregnated with MEBO Wound Ointment.
• Dressing size:
- 100mm40mm / 20mm x 40mm/ 40mm x 40mm
- 100mm100mm / 60mm x 120mm
- 100mm150mm /100mm x 120mm
- 100mm300mm

• Each package contains
- Soft cloth dressing impregnated with MEBO Wound Ointment.
- Self-adhesive pad for the dressing.

• Acute Wounds
- Burn wounds
- Surgical wounds including donor site wounds, cosmetic surgical wounds, ostomy wounds, wounds of circumcision, obstetrical wounds
- Pressure wounds
- Bruise wounds
- Amputated limbs

• Chronic Wounds
- Diabetic ulcers
- Pressure ulcers
- Soft tissue necrosis


Product Advantages:
• Accelerates wound healing by activating and sustaining the intrinsic regenerative potential of the skin and cultivating epidermal stem cells in situ and in vivo.
• Covers and protects wounds from infection and contamination.
• Utilizes breathable net-like gauze impregnated with MEBO Wound Ointment. which itself contains a unique micro-network formed by beeswax and sesame oil.
• Accelerates liquefication of necrotic tissues to allow their easier and less painful removal with minimal injury of the residual viable tissues on the wound.
• Maintains wound in a physiological moist environment.
• Minimizes pain and the use of analgesics.
• Promotes quality of healing by reducing scarring.

Direction for Use:
• Open the overwrap of the product, and take out the inner pack and the self sticking dressing pad through sterile operation. Open the inner pack and take out the oil-containing dressing and cover the wound directly (the dressing should stick to the wound closely), and then cover the self-sticking dressing pad. When changing dressing, the self-sticking dressing pad and the oil-containing dressing should be removed softly, and then sterile gauze (or sterile sanitation towel, or cotton ball soaked in sodium chloride) is used to wipe the residual ointment and liquefied matter on the wound softly (pay attention: detergent or water is forbidden to wash the wound). New oil-containing dressing is applied. Onece a day or twice a day for patients with relatively large amount of exudation until the wound heals physiologically.

• Room temperature

* Regulatorially approved in China as a medical device

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