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MEBO International Group is the birthplace of human body regenerative medicine. With more than two decades’ research and development of skin organ regeneration and multi-organ regeneration, burned skin regenerative medicine was established to encode the secrets of human skin regeneration and discover regenerative substances. On the severe burn wounds, tissue cells are directly cultured into Keratin 19 skin stem cells and regenerated to the whole skin organ.

According to the statistics, in China at least 300 hospitals have introduced the skin burned regenerative therapy and more than 20 foreign countries used this therapy to treat more than 20 million patients with burn, wound and ulcer and the cure rate is above 99%.

Now, in order to make the visitors have a better understanding of our information, we would like to list some of our basal hospital, which have introduced our regenerative therapy and saved lots of patients for your better references.






Phillipine General Hospital


Ermita, Manila, Philippines


Grace Kennett Foundation Hospital


8, Kennett Road, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625016, India


Surgery Sawanpracharak Hospital

Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand


Universitas Indonesia


Jl. Kampus UI Pondok Cina Beji Depok Jawa Barat, Indonesia


Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA)


Jalan Persiaran Abu Bakar Sultan, 80100 Johor Barhu


Hospital Selayang,Dato Pathaman


Kepong Highway, Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Malaysia


Hospital Sungai Buloh


Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia


University Malaya Medical Center


Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory, Malaysia


Hospital Queen Elizabeth


Beg Berkunci 2026, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 88586


Hospital Kuala Terenganu


Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, 20400


Hospital Sultanah Aminah


Johor Bahru, 80100

Middle East (United Arab Emirates)

Gulf Speciality Hospital-Dubai


Hamarain Centre, Deira, Dubai

Middle East  (Kuwait)

Mubarak al- Kabeer Hospital (Ministry of Health Kuwait)

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital Building

Middle East  (Saudi Arabia)

AS-Salama Hospital


Bahssas Tripoli, Lebanon

Middle East

Doha Clinic Hospital



Middle East

King Saud Hospital(KSMC), Riyadh, KSA


Province in China  City Name Website Rank of Hospital Address
Beijing Xuanwu District Xuanwu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine http://www.xwzy.com.cn/ The Second top No.8 Wanming Road, Xuanwu District
Daxing District Daxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine http://www.dxzyyy.com.cn/ The Third top No.136 Xingfeng St., Huangcun Town,Daxing District
Tongzhou District Luhe Hospital The First top No.54 Tonglingge St., Tongzhou District
Pinggu District Pinggu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine The Third top No.6 Pingxiang Road, Pinggu Town, Pinggu County
Miyun District Miyun Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine The Third top Xinzhong St., Miyun County
Tianjin Heping District The 272th Hospital The Third top No.185 Duolun Road, Heping District, Tianjin City
Tanggu District The Staff-worker Hospital of Daguhua The Fouth top No.1 Binhai St., Tanggu District
Xiqing District Jinghai County Hospital The Third top No.14 Shengli South Road., Jinghai County
Jinghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine The Third top Dongfanghong Road, Jinghai Town, Jinghai County, Tianjin
Dagang District Dagang Hospital http://www.dgzyy.com/ The Third top Southround Road, Dagang District
Inner Mongolia Neimenggu The People’s Hospital of Inner Mongolia Automous Region The First top Hohhot City
Baotou The Baotou 4th People’s Hospital http://www.btdsyy.com/ The Second top Aogan St., Qingshan District, Baotou City
Wuhai The Staff-worker Hospital of Wuhai Mining Bureau The Third top Wuhai Mining Bureau
Tongliao The First People’s Hospital of Tongliao City The Third top No.78# Ke’erqin St., Tongliao City
Hulunbei’er The Hulunbei’er People’s Hospital The Second top Shengli District, Haila’er City
Wulancha The Third People’s Hospital of Wulancha City The Third top Wulancha City
Xilinguole The Xilintehao Central Hospital The Second top Xilinguole City
Hebei Shijiazhuang The Hebei People’s Hospital http://www.hbpphosp.cn/ The First top No.348 Heping Westroad, Shijiazhuang City
Cangzhou The Cangzhou People’s Hospital http://www.czrmyy.com/ The First top No.20 North St., Cangzhou City
Hengshui The Hengshui Halixun Hospital http://www.hlxyy.com/ The Second top No.2 Remin Middleroad, Hengshui City
Henan Luohe The Luohe Central Hospital http://www.lhzxyy.com.cn/ The First top No.54 Renming Eastern Road, Luohe City
Jiaozuo The Jiaozuo Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine http://www.jzhchm.com.cn/ The Third top No.115 Jiefang Middle Road, Jiaozuo City
Shangqiu The Third People’s Hospital of Shangqiu City http://www.sqssy.com/ The First top North Guangfujie, Shangqiu City
The First People’s Hospital of Shangqiu City http://www.sqsyy.com.cn/ The First top No.292 Kaixuan Southroad, Shangqiu City
Xi’an Xi’an The Xi’an Central Hospital http://www.xazxyy.com/ The First top No.4 Houzaimen, Xincheng District
The Xi’an Railway Central Hospital http://www.xtzxyy.com/ The First top Youyi Easternroad
Hanzhong The Affiliated Hospital of Yan’an University http://www.yau.edu.cn/yifuyuan/ The First top No.250 Center St., Yan’an City
Tongchuai The Mei County People’s Hospital http://www.bjmxyy.com/ The Third top No.192 Pingyang St., Mei County
Sichuan Luzhou The Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical Institute http://www.ahlzmc.com/ The First top No.25 Taiping St., Luzhou City
Deyang The Deyang People’s Hospital http://www.dy120.cn/ The First top No.173 Taishan North Road, Deyang City
Mianyang The Mianyang People’s Hospital http://www.myzxyy.com/ The First top No.12 Changjiagang, Mianyang City
Zigong The Zigong Fourth People’s Hospital http://www.zg120.cn/ The First top No.2 Hengmu St., Ziliujing Strict, Zigong City
Yibin The Yibin First People’s Hospital http://www.yb999.com/ The Second top No.83Wenxing St., Yibin City
Guang’an The Guang’an People’s Hospital http://www.ga120.com/ The Second top No.1 Cuiping Road, Guang’an District, Guang’an City
Daxian The Daxian People’s Hospital http://www.d120.cn/ The Third top
Neihe The Neihe First People’s Hospital http://www.cqwsrc.com/ The Second top No. 17 Jiaotong Road, Neihe City
Chongqiang Yongchuai The Chongqiang Second People’s Hosptial http://www.cq2hospital.com/ The Second top No.189 Xuanhua Road, Yongchuan City
Yunnan Honghehani The PLA 59 Central Hospital The First top No. 47 Jianmin Road, Kaiyuan City
Guizhou Q, ianna The Dujun 414th Hospital The First top Dujun City,
Guangdong Huizhou The Huiyang People’s Hospital http://www.hyhospital.cn/ The Second top Danshui Town, Huiyang District
Guangxi Nanning The Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Chinese Medical Institute http://www.gxzyy.com.cn/ The Third top No.2 Yuanhu Road, Nanning City
Hubei Yichang The Yichang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine The First top No.2 Shengli Thirdroad, Yichang City
Fujian Fuzhou The Affilicated Hospital of Fujian Medical Institute http://www.fj-ph.com/ The First top No. 602 807Middleroad, Fujian City
Liaoning Jinzhou The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinzhou Medical Institute http://www.jyyyw.com/ The First top No.2 Renmin St., Jinzhou City
Heilongjiang Mudanjiang The Mudanjiang First People’s Hospital The First top Mudanjiang City
Jilin Jilin The Jilin People’s Hospital The First top Jinlin St. Jilin City
Shanxi Taiyuan The Taiyuan Second People’s Hospital http://www.tysey.com/ The First top No. 186 Fuxi St., Taiyuan City
Jiangxi Pingxiang The Pingxiang People’s Hospital http://www.pxsrmyy.cn/ The First top No.5 Square Road, Anyuan District
Jiangsu Yangzhou The Subei People’s Hospital http://www.yzsbh.com/ The First top No. 98 Nantong Westernroad, Yangzhou City
Anhui Hefei The Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University http://www.ayfy.com/ The First top Meishan Road, Hefei City
Hunan Xiangtan The Xiangtan Central Hospital http://www.xtcch.com/ The Third top No. 120 Heping Road, Xiangtan City, Hexi District
Shandong Binzhou The Affilicated Hospital of Binzhou Medical Institute http://www.byfy.cn/ The First top No. 661 Huanghe 2rd Road, Binzhou City
Gansu Zhangye The Zhangye People’s Hospital http://www.zy120.com/ The Second top No.8 Westernring Road, Zhangye City
Ningxia Shizuishan The Shizuishan First People’s Hospital http://www.szsyy.com/ The First top No.1 Kangle Road, Huinong District, Shizuishan City
Xinjiang Wulumiqi The Wulumuqi Youyi Hospital http://www.xjyyyy.com/ The First top No.22 Shengli Road, Tianshan District, Wulumuqi City
Zhejiang Ningbo The Zhoushan People’s Hospital http://www.zs-hospital.com/ The Second top Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province
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