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 Prof. Yong-chong Chen

Dr. Chen Yong-chong
Professional title:Deputy Director Surgeon, Medical Researcher
E-mail: chenyc@chinaburn.com  
Add.: F31, Building A, the Spaces International Center, 8 Dongdaqiao St., Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China
    Dr. Chen Yong-chong

Background Information & Medical Specialty:

Dr. Chen graduated from Guangxi Medical University at medical bachelor’s degree. He has been on the duty of director of Beijing MEBO Burns & Ulcers Institute with seventeen years’ working experience on burn plastic surgery and in-situ burn skin regeneration technique. In 1996, He worked as a member of medical group for foreign aid in Kenya and once invited by Philippine government to Manyla to deliver a lecture and provide a direction for the treatment of extensive burn patients.

Current duty:

director of Beijing MEBO Burns & Ulcers Institute, Chinese Journal for Burns, Wounds & Surface Ulcers; member of the 3rd Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (CBAIM), clinical director of China National Science & Technology Center for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers, member of International Society for Burn Injuries(ISBI) and specialist of Worldwide Burn Skin Regeneration Treatment Network

Dr. Chen has skillful mastery of basic theory, techniques and all kinds of surgical operations of burn plastic surgery and applied the technique in treating burn patients over 500 cases, including 37 extra-severe cases, the largest TBSA being 96% (TBSA of deep burn in 75%). Since 1996, he has been successfully applying burns regenerative therapy in clinical treatment of over 1000 cases of burns, wounds and ulcers, including 83 extra-severe burn cases (31 cases of children with largest TBSA being 95%). Dr. Chen has been invited by hospitals of all levels in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and South-eastern countries for consultation, rescue and directions in treating groups of burn cases and large area severe burn patients over 70 times  and 93 case consultations, with largest TBSA being 95%, (TBSA of deep burn being 65%), and success rate being 98.4%. Required by the documents of the Ministry of Health of P.R.C. and the CBAIM in the need of the generalization and training of in-situ burns regenerative technique in situ, he made active efforts in publicity, generalization of burns regenerative technique and training of local physicians. Since 2003, Dr. Chen, as a major specialist lecturer and professor, has successfully delivered feature lectures and organized technique trainings on academic conferences over 60 times in national, provincial and municipal levels, where 5600 clinical medical workers have received trainings.

Publications and awards:

Over 20 professional articles were published on professional journals, many of which were awarded as excellent works; provincial award of “advanced worker for generalization and application of new technique”; the third prize winner municipal for science and technology advancement; the third prize winner for “Chinese science and technology advancement in burns wounds and ulcers” in 2002; rescue and direction of many cases of extra-large area deep burn patients who were awarded as Chinese “burn rehabilitation star”. In addition, he also directed and helped many hospitals to accomplish several provincial and municipal clinical scientific research topics


Clinical Handbook for Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy
            ---Chinese Medicine Technology publishing house
Clinical Handbook for Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy
(National Sparkle Plan Training serial)
---Ministry of Science and Technology

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