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 Prof. Mo Xiao

Dr. Xiao Mo
Professional title:Medical Researcher
Add.: F31, Building A, the Spaces International Center, 8 Dongdaqiao St., Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China
              Dr. Xiao Mo

Background Information & Medical Specialty:

Dr. Xiao graduated from Dept. of Medical Science of Tianjin Medical University in 1965. After graduation, he took charge of series of vocations ranging from surgeon general, attending surgeon general, chief physician,.head of the depart. of medical administration, professional president, medical researcher and guest professor in General Hospital of Railway Soldiers of PLA and Chinese Railway General Hospital.  

Current duty:

President and standing chief editor of Chinese Journal of Burns, Wounds & Surface Ulcers, head of the Institute of Beijing MEBO Burns, Wounds and Ulcers, Director of China Burns, Wounds and Ulcers, director of China National Science & Technology Center for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers, chief member of the 3rd Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (CBAIM), and member of International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI).

1992, Dr. Xiao began to apply Burns Regenerative Medicine and therapy. He has made the profound study on the basic theory of the burn treatment with the integration of traditional and western medicine, and mastered the skillful clinical application of in-situ skin regenerative medical technique with Burns Regenerative Medicine and therapy.

Since 1996, Dr. Xiao has gained great success on helping and guiding the rescue of extensive burn patients in 90 cases in the domestic consultation on treating large groups of emergent severe burns,and summarized the comprehensive clinical experience, which has been edited into national uniform teaching material. In addition, he has delivered 140 lectures in the academic exchange, training ,lectures and other activities hosted by nationwide provincial and municipal hygienic departments. His lectures are closely combined with clinical practices with the refined teaching method and technique, thus are praised highly by the colleagues of the medical field.

Edition and publications:

During his work, Dr. Xiao developed fully his writing ability by summarizing clinical experience and teaching material and collaborating in the editing and publication of 10 monograph and works and 1 translation, including: co-editor and contributor for Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (English version, published by KARGER ), Blue Book for Burns Medicine and Therapy, Research on Regenerative Medicine, Burns Yesterday and Today, Clinical Handbook for Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy, Gastrointestinal Regeneration & Reparation Healthcare, Teaching Material for Moist Exposed Burn Therapy Training  with Prof. Rong-xiang Xu as the chief editor;co-writer of Questions and Answers of Clinical Physiological consultation;co-translator of Research and Treatment on Sexual Disturbance. The papers by him have been included in Traditional Chinese Surgery---one of the National High Educational Teaching Materials, 30 professional academic papers published in national academic journals such as Chinese Journal for Burns, Wounds & Surface Ulcers, Chinese Urinary Surgery Journal, and so on, and over 60 popular scientific articles on in-situ regenerative medicine published on newspapers such as Health, etc..

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