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 Prof. Hong-sheng Wang

Dr. Wang Hong-sheng
Professional title:Medical Researcher
Mobile: 013700780561
E-mail: wanghs@chinaburn.com   
Add.: F31, Building A, the Spaces International Center, 8 Dongdaqiao St., Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China
    Dr. Wang Hong-sheng

Background Information & Medical Specialty:

Dr. Wang graduated from Clinical Medicine Department of Medical College of Henan University.

Current duty:

Standing member and office director of the 3rd Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (CBAIM), vice head of Beijing MEBO Burns & Ulcers Institute, and standing editor of Chinese Journal for Burns, Wounds & Surface Ulcers.

Working experiences:

Dr. Wang has been working on the clinical general surgery  and burn plastic surgery for 25 years. Since 1988, he has been applying MEBT/MEBO in clinical burn treatment, and successfully treated over 6000 out and in  burn and ulcer patients with beruns regenerative medicine and therapy, including more than 3000 in patients with all types of burns and ulcers. Through substantial clinical practices and continuous accumulation of experience, Dr. Wang has summarized a set of effective technique and therapy for the application of MEBT/MEBO in treating large area and extraordinary large area burns, and successfully treated over 300 cases of child and adult large area and extraordinary large area burns.


Over 20 papers on clinical study of burns regenerative medicine and therapy have been published in Chinese Journal for Burns, Wounds & Surface Ulcers, such as Experience on the Changed Moist Therapy from Dry Therapy in Treating Extraordinary Large Area Burns, Analysis of the Effect of  Dry and Moist Therapy in Treating 1178 Cases of Facial Burns, Clinical Summarization of the Application of In-situ Burns Regenerative Therapy and Technique in Treating Child and Adult Large Area Burns.


1. Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (English Version), KARGER, 2004
2. Clinical Handbook for Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy Chinese Medicine Technology Publishing House, 2003
3. Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (Chinese Version), Taiwan Publishing House, 2006. 

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