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According to the statistical result from China National Medical Network, about 350,000 burn inpatients in China were treated with BRT each year, with a total cure rate of 99.42 %. For burns over 90 % TBSA, the cure rate is 92 %, of which, 87% has recovered without disability. Most of the minor burn patients can be self-treated with MEBO at home. According to the market demands for Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBO), it is estimated that at least 6 million families treat burns at home with this product. Doctors and specialists from 48 countries have come to China to learn this technique. At the same time, MEBO¡­¡­  More>>



Dr. Xiao Mo  Dr. Chen Yongchong Dr. Hu Dongcai   Dr. Fang Jinyong  Dr. Wang Hongsheng
 Dr. Duan Yanfang Dr. Gong Tao   Dr. He Renliang Dr. Huang Xiaobin  Dr. Li Chuanji 
Dr. Li Jun  Dr. Li Tianyu   Prof. Luo Chengqun  Dr. Sun Chongzhou Prof. Tang Qianli 
 Prof. Wang Guangshun Dr.  Yao Shihong  Dr. Zhang Huisheng Prof. Zhao Ruiqing  Dr.  Zhao Junxiang



MEBO International Group is the birthplace of human body regenerative medicine. With more than two decades¡¯ research and development of skin organ regeneration and multi-organ regeneration, burned skin regenerative medicine was established to encode the secrets of human skin regeneration and discover regenerative substances. On the severe burn wounds, tissue cells are directly cultured into Keratin 19 skin stem cells and regenerated to the whole skin organ.¡­¡­ More>>

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