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 Prof. Chongzhou Sun


Dr. Sun Chongzhou
Professional title:Chief surgeon 
E-mail: suncz@chinaburn.com   
Add.: Mianyang Central Hospital, Sichuan
        Dr. Sun Chongzhou

Background Information & Medical Specialty:

Dr. Sun graduated from the Department of Medical Treatment of Chongqing Medical University in 1986 at Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science. Having received the Qualification Certificate for MEBT, he is specialized in the application of MEBT/MEBO in treating burns in II and III degree without scar formation and with complete function restoration. In addition, he has been adopting the latest technique and method to treat all types of scars, achieving the restoration of appearance and functions with an ideal plastic result. Until now, over one thousand of burn, wound and ulcer patients have been cured by him with MEBT/MEBO without one case of functional disability after the treatment and thus for further plastic surgery.

Current duty:

Chief surgeon of the Department of Clinical Surgery of Mianyang Central Hospital, Sichuan; secretary of CBAIM in Sichuan; specialist of Medical Treatment Network of China National Science & Technology Center for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers.


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