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April 06, 2022

Kevin Xu Shared Strategies at Virtual Forum of "Accelerating Net Zero Transition"

  On March 30, virtual film themed on "Accelerating Net Zero Transition" by Fortune: CEO Perspectives Series was held. The forum was co sponsored by Fortune and salesforce and hosted by the CEO of Fortune, Alan Murray. It brought together leaders from Boston Consulting Group, Jones Lang LaSalle, Logitech, Aspiration, CBRE and other well-known enterprises. Kevin Xu was invited to attend the meeting and talked about the development of accelerating net zero transition, carbon measurement standards and relevant regulations.
  In terms of achieving the goal of zero net emissions by 2050, the CEOs agreed that 2050 was too late and that relevant organizations and governments must accelerate their actions towards the goal. Suzanne dibianca, chief impact officer of salesforce, said that "the deadline of 2050 is not what the earth needs. We should make the commitment to achieve net zero emission today. It is an investment ahead of time".
  Kevin Xu said, "Persuading people to accept a new concept is very difficult. We need to provide more opportunities for people to change their current mindsets." Bob sulentic, President and CEO of CBRE, pointed out that "sustainability is a complex challenge, just as peace, hunger, diversity and inclusiveness" and "We are making progress and that is the most important.”
  At the forum, they also talked about the importance of financing for accelerating net zero transition. CEOs from sports, insurance, real estate and other industries also shared their best practices in achieving carbon neutrality, promoting net zero emissions and taking climate action.
  The forum brings together leaders from all industries to learn from each other and discuss topics such as how to change the customer experience, how to use advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to improve productivity, and how enterprises can play a greater role in making the world a better and more equal place.