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July 19, 2019

Regenerative Medicine Entering the Border Area: MEBO 2019 “Belt and Road” Initiative-Global Regenerative Medical Technology Workshop Ongoing in Indonesia

  MEBO 2019 “Belt and Road” Initiative-Global Regenerative Medical Technology Workshop was launched in Banda Aceh city, the provincial capital of Aceh, Indonesia, to continue to practice the commitment and disseminate the regenerative medical technology. The event coincides with the 23th Indonesian Wounds, Plastics and Cosmetic Repair Conference which was also held the same place. At the invitation of the organizing committee and Zainul Arifin Hospital Aceh - the only public hospital in the local, MEBO International held the event as the warming-up for the conference. 
  During the super tsunami in 2004, as the gateway to the Islamic civilization of Southeast Asia, Banda Aceh was the worst-hit city, and more than half the population was dead or missed, leaving tremendous pain and sorrow. Millions of people were dead in the disaster due to the absence of effective treatment resulting from the lack of basic medical care and drugs. Therefore, the introduction and application of the regenerative medical technology for buns, wounds and ulcers were given sufficient attention in the local because the treatment is cost-effective, easy to operate and has significant therapeutic effect. 
  On July 16, the second large-scale regenerative medicine training course in 2019 was held as scheduled in Hermes Palace hotel, Banda Aceh of Indonesia. More than 170 medical staff including experts in burns, chronic wounds and plastics in Ache Province and physicians, residents and nursed from the local community hospitals participated in the discussion and exchange on the regenerative medicine. 
The workshop schedule and the venue scene (display racks)
  At 8:00 am, the “Belt and Road” Initiative-Global Regenerative Medical Technology Workshop was kicked off formally. The host firstly introduced the representatives from MEBO International, guests, local marketers and speakers, and also expressed the welcome to all the attendees. The special guest Dr. Gerald Sy - an expert in the field of wound repair and cosmetic reconstruction in Philippines shared his experience of applying regenerative medicine in Philippines, and exchanged with Indonesian experts on the clinical application of regenerative medicine in different indications. 
Group photo before the workshop began 
  The Workshop included five parts: 1) Dr Syamsul Rizal, an expert in plastic surgery from Zainul Arifin Hospital Aceh introduced the basic condition of burn treatment and wound repair in the local. 2) The declaration of the new committee members of the Indonesian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by the Vice President of the Society Donna Savitry. Among the new committee members, 60% are applying the regenerative medical technology. 3) Dr. Puri Ambar Lestari, Dr. Afriyanti Sandhi and Dr. Aditya Herwandar from Jakarta respectively elaborated the basic theories of the regenerative restoration and burns, wounds and ulcers. 4) Dr. Donna Savitry and Dr. Nur Anindhawati respectively introduced the nursing key points when applying regenerative medicine in wounds and ulcers. Dr. Donna Savitry, Dr. Nur Anindhawati and Dr. Aditya Herwandar respectively made an introduction on the basic nursing when applying the regenerative medical technology in treating burns. Dr. Gerald Sy, Dr. Afriyanti Sandhi, Dr. Puri Ambar Lestari and Dr. Donna Savitry respectively presented some typical cases of burns and other indications treated with the regenerative medical technology. 5) Dr. Gerald Sy, Dr. Afriyanti Sandhi, Dr. Puri Ambar Lestari and Dr. Aditya Herwandar led group discussions and answered some questions. 
  In 2017 the training mode in Manado presented greater training effect and so this time the same training mode was adopted including panel discussion and rotation learning to carry out the in-depth learning of regenerative medicine. The group discussions lasted for 6 hours, longer than the planned 4 hours, until the night is approaching. At the end, the attendees posed for a group photo. 
The panoramic view of the Workshop
Indonesian experts were giving lectures
The special guest Dr Gerald Sy from Philippines was introducing the application of regenerative medicine in Philippines
Q&A session
Group discussion
Testing the online Q&A APP
Group photo of main attendees after the event
  The next day, the 23th Indonesian Wounds, Plastics and Cosmetic Repair Conference opened officially. MEBO International and its cooperation partner Combiphar were invited to participate in the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, Dr. Donna Savitry called on more medical staff from the grass-roots hospitals to try the regenerative medical technology to better benefit more local people. At 10 am, the governor of Aceh Province attending the opening ceremony made a special visit to Combiphar and MEBO stand to understand the application of regenerative medicine. 
The opening ceremony
Governor of Aceh Province visited MEBO stand (right third)
  The Regenerative Medical Technology Workshop lasted for two days, which left a deep impression in the attendees, and they all passionately expressed their desire to learn more about the technology. Following the year 2017 and 2018, MEBO International continue to practice the commitment made under the Belt and Road Initiative and UNAI to disseminate the regenerative medicine by joining hands with the local medical staff, blessing more Indonesian people.