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January 29, 2020

MEBO Takes Emergency Action to Fight against the Epidemic

  December 2019 witnessed the outbreak of novel coronavirus in Wuhan City and then Hubei province became a major epidemic area. With the advent of Spring Festival travel rush, the epidemic began to spread to other provinces and regions and even to the whole country. 
    As a member of the UN's “Every Woman, Every Child” Chinese Partner Network, MEBO Group, in response to the national emergency mechanism, cooperated with all relevant parties to support the frontline in the battle against the epidemic. MEBO Group, through Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Hubei Provincial Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, donated 1 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China Hubei Branch and will expedite the purchase of medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing from India, Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries resorting to its international network.
  In such a critical period, effective quarantine and stepping up the research and development of anti-virus drugs become top priority. In addition to the donation of medical materials, MEBO Group also closely follow the progress of new coronavirus by virtue of its own scientific research resources.
  Over the past 30 years, MEBO Group has participated in many major international and domestic rescue operations. This time, it is coordinating its efforts to prepare for the rescue during the epidemic.
  Although the number of confirmed cases is still increasing, we believe that under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and with strong determination Chinese people to fight against the epidemic, we will win this battle against the epidemic soon. 
  To win in the battle, a great sense of responsibility and continuous support are needed. In times of crisis, MEBO employees from all over the world join hands to face up to the challenges in their way, protect their homes and overcome difficulties together. The epidemic will not finish overnight and we will keep fighting until it is over. 
  We'll keep on fighting till the end.