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September 10, 2020

Solemn Statement

  MEBO Group Korea Limited was founded in January 2020 in Seoul, South Korea, it is a direct subsidiary of MEBO GROUP. It aims to meet the needs of Korean customers to buy regular MEBO products more conveniently. In August this year, MEBO Group Korea Limited officially launched the health food MEBO SOFT GEL (local name in China: MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule) under the certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Korea.
   In view of the existence of illegal smuggling and the sale of fake and inferior MEBO products in Korean market in recent years, which has had an extremely bad impact on the image and reputation of our company, here we have decided to take official action to protect our legitimate rights and interests from now on. Any third party who promotes and sells MEBO products in Korea in the name of MEBO general agent, authorized agent, partner or other relevant name are all illegal and uncertified. We reserve the right to take legal action and other further measures.
   We have just launched our official website, it sells official products imported from formal channels. We hereby earnestly call on customers to distinguish between real and fake, avoid any infringement of their own interests from buying illegally smuggling and fake / inferior products. Please purchase MEBO products only from our official platform. In view of the current proliferation of unofficial products in the Korean market, our company does not bear any quality assurance and related responsibilities for non-official channel procurement and overseas direct purchase of MEBO products.
   In the future, MEBO will take legal means to curb the unofficial MEBO products. We hope our customers will continue to follow us. We promise to return your support and love with the most reasonable price, the highest quality and the fastest supply speed.
MEBO Group Korea Limited
  Legal Representative: Liu Gang 
  Sole Company Name: 메보그룹코리아
  Official Website: WWW.MEBOGROUP.CO.KR
  Contact: 02- 6953 - 8768  
  Address: 서울시 강서구 공항대로227, 마곡센트럴타워1차 803호