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June 22, 2020

Shanghai MEBO Passed the Intellectual Property Management System Certification

  Shanghai MEBO Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MEBO Group, obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" issued by Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. This means that IPR management standard will be implemented in the company through production, procurement, R&D, commerce, and management. Meanwhile, Shanghai MEBO Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has entered into new normal in terms of the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property.
  Intellectual property management system is a standard initiated by Chinese government. The initiative aims to help enterprises establish a scientific and standard intellectual property management system, covering all aspects of production and operation, facilitate the acquisition, maintenance and application of intellectual property, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to ensure their sustainable development.
  Shanghai MEBO values technology research and development, and IPR protection. The certification makes the management of intellectual property right more standardized and enhances the company’s understanding of the creation, application and protection of intellectual property. With this, the company will provide its customers with safer and more reliable products and services.
  The certification will increase the value of the company’s intangible assets and help the company obtain greater benefits in financing, investment, acquisition, and the sale of the company; it will help to consolidate the company’s competitive position in the market, particularly for its products with IPR protection; at the same time, it also helps the company to reduce risks in production and operation, and avoid or reduce legal risks related to intellectual property rights in the product lifecycle management. 
  Winning the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" will promote the company’s innovation and independent R&D. It is also a milestone in the company's growth. The implementation of IPR will become an international standard and a big plus for international competition. Shanghai MEBO will continue to increase investment in scientific research, provide strong technical support for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of MEBO Group, and set up an example for domestic research-based enterprises!