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December 08, 2020

Beijing MEBO High Technology Co., Ltd. Is Accredited as National High-Tech Enterprise

  Recently, Beijing MEBO High Technology Co., Ltd. has won National High-tech Enterprise Certificate jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau and Beijing Tax Service, and State Taxation Administration and was accredited as national high-tech enterprise.
  The accreditation is the recognition of the company's independent intellectual property right, achievement in science and technology transfer, management level, growth rate and talent structure. After rounds of selection and meticulous evaluation, Beijing MEBO High Technology Co., Ltd. won the title. The company was very well recognized by relevant departments of Chinese government for its innovation, R&D capacity in regenerative life science. The certificate would encourage the company to further promote its innovation in R&D.
  The accreditation is also a milestone in the history of the company development. The company boasts for a series of research projects, such as research on mechanism of GI Capsule on regeneration of gastric mucosa, the effect and influence of GI Capsule on pathogenic bacteria in gastrointestinal tract, extraction of liquid from cactus, and skin conditioning for non-inflammatory acne. These researches provide technical support for the development of health foods and cosmetic products for the company. The accreditation is also acknowledgement of the efforts made by the company in research. 
  Beijing MEBO High Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to develop high-quality health and cosmetic products; while paying attention to independent innovation, intellectual property right protection, and enhancing the core competitiveness, it will also increase investment in scientific research, train more talents to make its development more sustainable.
  With the spirit of "solidarity, unity, innovation, pragmatism, gratitude” and the mission of "dedication to producing better health and cosmetic products", all employees of the company will work harder to make the company a leader in health industry, a favorite brand for customers and a cozy home for employees.