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October 20, 2020

Newsweek Gave Coverage to MIAGE BLOOM

  On October 19, Newsweek published an article recommending three lip balms. The top one is BLOOM multi-functional lip balm, the core product of the MIAGE series, new products of the MEBO Group.
  Summer has passed and autumn is coming, followed by cool weather and dryness. The unpredictable weather always causes serious damage to skin, especially lip skin.
  These three lip balms can keep your lips moisturized in dry and cold weather. MIAGE is highly recommended because it is a purely-natural product and adopts precision technology, that is, its plant juice can directly act on the skin. This is a multifunctional anhydrous lip balm and can lock moisture during the day and care lips at night.
  This product uses La Milpa cactus juice, combined with isotonicity of healthy human skin cells, to create a unique isotonic environment for skin, so that the effective ingredients of the product can be naturally absorbed (without external force or skin damage) by skin cells. It releases a regenerative nutrient to activate the dormant lip epithelial stem cells in human body.
    MIAGE – beatify your lips like the blossom in spring.
 Newsweek stated that after stem cells are activated, MIAGE's anhydrous micromolecules can provide a series of essential nutrients to lip skin, improving lip health and restoring lip elasticity. The process is non-invasive and the product itself is inexpensive in price. It can protect lips in cold weather and can be used throughout the year to keep lips tender.
  The use of MIAGE lipstick is as follows: it can be used for lip peeling and dryness. It can be used alone, or with your favorite lip gloss. It translucent pink color adds a glowing luster to your lip.