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September 23, 2022

Li Li visited Nanshi Hospital of Nanyang

  On the afternoon of September 22, Li Li, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEBO Group; Yang Zhibin, the President of MEBO Group; Chen Baoqi, Vice President of MEBO Group, visited Nanshi Hospital of Nanyang (Hereinafter referred to as Nanshi Hospital). Zhao Junxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Nanshi Hospital, Zhao Bo, Executive Vice President of Nanshi Hospital, and directors and head nurses of the Burn Center of Nanshi Hospital accompanied them in their visit.
  Li Li and her delegation visited some old buildings of Nanshi Hospital and then burn ward, chronic wound ward, and scar ward. They highly praised the surgical building of Nanshi Hospital for advanced facilities and equipment complying with international standards and a strong team of experts. Nanshi Hospital is developing into an international exchange and learning center for burns, wounds and ulcer regenerative medical technology and will conduct more and more international exchange and academic activities in burns and chronic wounds in the future.
  After the visit, Li Li and her delegation had in-depth exchanges with medical workers of Nanshi Hospital. Li Tianyu, Vice President of Nanshi Hospital and Director of the Burn Center, made a welcome speech, briefly reviewing the development of Burn Center of Nanshi Hospital. Relying on Professor Rongxiang Xu's regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers, Zhao Junxiang had led its team to develop the hospital from a two-floor clinic to a "Three-A"hospital  with 2000 beds and more than 2000 employees over the past 30 years. The Burn Center had turned into a large department with 150 beds, three wards and a large outpatient clinic.
  Professor Ding Minghua, Honorary Director of Chronic Wound Treatment Center of Nanshi Hospital, reported the work of the center. In recent years, the center had taken the lead in chronic wound repair and many of its treatment technologies had been used by other hospitals. In 2020, Nanshi Hospital was designated by the Nanyang Health and Sports Commission as the only hospital qualified for chronic wound repair training in Nanyang. The hospital had conducted training in many other hospitals in Nanyang.
  In his speech, President Zhao Junxiang also reviewed how Professor Rongxiang Xu's regenerative medical technology was introduced to Nanshi Hospital.
  Finally, Li Li made a concluding speech. She said that at the end of 1986, Rongxiang Xu's technology was recognized by the national authoritative department for the first time. In 1987, MEBT/MEBO were officially released at home and abroad. In the same year, Beijing MEBO Institute for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers was established. It was a new starting point for the development of MEBT/MEBO. Now, the technology has been used in more than 80 countries in the world and  well recognized in international disaster relief.
  Nanshi Hospital was the first hospital to witness the development of MEBT/MEBO. Over 30 years, the hospital had benefited hundreds of thousands of burn and chronic injury patients with medical regenerative technology. Professor Rongxiang Xu had visited Nanshi Hospital for many times to give lectures and provide guidance. He left his footprints here. The hospital saved hundreds of thousands of patients with Rongxiang Xu’s regenerative medical technology.