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August 20, 2019

GLYMATE, a new product in the dietary supplement market

  BREA, Calif., August 16th, 2019 - newly established nutrition and health GlymateTM company in Southern California, announced that its proprietary dietary supplement for the balance of sugar was officially launched in the United States in June 2019, marking the start of the official marketing of this product.
  Glymate™ is a potent cell regenerative dietary supplement that benefits all stages of the body development. the patented ingredients of Glymate™ make it stand out from other products. For example, cell regenerative technology can promote the production of healthy insulin, which helps break down glucose in food and convert it into energy. Continuous consumption of Glymate™ makes people more energetic and helps them to lose weight*. Currently, you can purchase it through our company's website and Amazon’s website; we also work with agencies in the world market.
  At present, the number of people with diabetes has exceeded 400 million worldwide. America's Centres for Disease Control (CDC) stated: "We urgently need to act now to treat and prevent this serious disease. “ Glymate company has conducted many years of specialized research and countless trials to help people to address and prevent such disease. Glymate™ contains only natural ingredients, no dairy components, soy, gluten, wheat, sugar or preservatives. It is produced by Robinson Pharma, Inc using patented regenerative technology. Its soft gel can help balance blood sugar, and maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels* by promoting healthy lipid metabolism. The key components of Glymate™ perform multiple functions in cells*. ”
  Glymate™ Corp.是一家私人控股公司,得益于其获得专利的关键成分方面的公认历史记录成为健康领域的全球领导者。作为营养补充剂的营销者和在线销售商,我们致力于通过科学支持的高品质产品来支持消费者的健康需求。