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August 16, 2022

The 35th Anniversary of MEBO Group

  The thirty-five years was eventful. During this period of time, MEBO Group has become more and more mature.
  On August 16, the 35th anniversary of MEBO Group was held in Beijing.
  Chairman Kevin Xu delivered an important speech, in which he talked about building an ecosystem of MEBO Group. He said that over the past 35 years, MEBO Group has been striving to change the world and build an ecosystem with our own characteristics. 
  Next, we watched a video about the development of MEBO Group in the past 35 years. Some warm memories slowly unfolded on the screen. They told MEBO stories and interpreted Rongxiang spirit. There were also pictures of production, research and future envision.
  Then, other leaders of MEBO Group also delivered speeches. They extended congratulations on the 35th anniversary of MEBO Group and made summery on the latest development of all subsidiaries. The great achievement was the best gift to MEBO Group on its 35th birthday.
  Representatives of old and new employees were also asked to give speeches. They expressed their gratitude towards MEBO Group and promised to carry forward Rongxiang spirit.
  The next session was MEBO Group Awards Ceremony. The awards went to those who have been working in the company for 30, 20 and 10 years. The award represented honor and would encourage them to continue to work hard in the future.
  Those who participated in the racing event“Walking Race”got their awards, too. More than 1000 participants covered over 60000 kilometers. They showed unity and strong willpower. An old Chinese saying goes like this, "A long journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time". The growth of enterprises was the result of step-by-step advancement.
  Children of our employees also won award for their outstanding performance in school. This award has been presented for six years. MEBO Group is an enterprise that values people’s happiness and inner feeling.
  At the end of the meeting, Vice-chairman Ms. Li Li made a concluding speech. She said that generation after generation of employees were the most important wealth of MEBO Group. The effort of each employee brought about the improvement of the enterprise. Their hard work enabled the enterprise to climb higher and their unity had completely changed the enterprise for the better. She hoped that all employees would continue to work hard in unity to make MEBO Group prosperous for one hundred years.