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June 27, 2019

Malaysia National Wound Care Conference and International Regenerative Medicine Parallel Session were Successfully Held

  On June 26-27, the Fifth National Wound Care Conference of Malaysia, organized by Ministry of Health of Malaysia, was held in the historic city of Malacca, which attracted more than 400 attendees from government, medical institutions, hospitals and local enterprises. The branch company of MEBO International -- MEBO Healthcare SDN also attended this event as a partner and exhibitor in the conference. Meanwhile, the regenerative medicine academic workshop of the International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair (ISRMWR) was held in parallel, to propaganda and introduce the extensive application of regenerative medicine in the field of wound care. Details are reported as below:
  The conference was formally convened in the morning of June 26 as scheduled. Many old friends of MEBO Group made keynote speeches in the opening ceremony such as Dr. Luinio S Tongson from Chinese General Hospital Philippines, Dr. Normala Hj Basiron from Hospital Kuala Lumpur, and etc. At 11:00am, the opening ceremony kicked off. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health Malaysia Dr. Lee Boon Chye delivered his speech and expressed his congratulations on the opening of the conference. Then Dr. Lee Boon Chye visited dozens of exhibitors and cordially exchanged with exhibitor representatives. Wu Yun, Deputy GM of the international market briefly introduced the international market status quo of MEBO Group and also the development history of MEBO Group in Malaysia from 2000-2019 to Dr. Lee Boon Chye. Dr. Normala Hj Basiron, as one of the organizing committee escorts, introduced the application situation of regenerative medicine and MEBO in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
  At 12:30 pm, the international regenerative medicine parallel session was held, which was sponsored by the International Society of Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair and organized by MEBO Malaysia Co., Ltd. The parallel session was included into the agenda of the conference, and, in response to the requirement and suggestion of the organizing committee, specially invited some
representatives from China, Philippines and Malaysia to deliver speeches. 
  The session was kicked off by the opening speech from Candy Chen, sales director of MEBO Malaysia Co., Ltd. in which she introduced the agenda and guest speakers. Then, Xu Weiwei, office director of the ISRMWR made an introduction of the society including its mission, development and achievements, and also detailed the public welfare undertakings of MEBO regenerative technology have involved in in recent years. She stressed that in July 2017, MEBO International officially launched the UN Every Woman Every Child Life Regeneration Action in Malaysia, which was supported by Malaysian governments, Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, Malaysia-China Friendship Association and other organizations. In recent years, the project has been contributing to the health improvement of women and children in Malaysia. In 2019, MEBO Malaysia Co., Ltd. will propose a new action plan to the new Malaysian government, that is, consecutively donate 5000 MEBO products for the treatment and daily first-aid rescue of local women and children patients. 
  Dr. Glenn Genuino, President of Philippine Burn Association reported his experience in applying the regenerative medicine over the years. His wonderful speech won the unanimous praise of the attendees. Since 2009, Dr. Glenn Genuino has started to introduce his clinical experience of applying regenerative medicine in Philippine in various international academic platforms. And also under
his support, Philippines General Hospital has included the regenerative medical technology for burns as one of the three good clinical practices for the treatment of burns in Philippine more than ten years ago. In recent years, the technology is expanded to the field of wound care. And soon the technology will become the good clinical practice in some wound care centers such as St. Luke in
  At the end, Dr. Wong Kee Ai from Sarawak General Hospital presented some typical cases of patients with surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, necrotizing fasciitis and etc. She emphasized that wound care requires a good regenerative environment to promote the self-repair of the body, which is the characteristic strength of MEBO, and she added that MEBO technology and products have the unique effect in accelerating the drainage of necrotic tissues and promoting the proliferation and division of epithelial cells. 
  Through exchanges with doctors present in the Conference, we learned that there is still no dedicated wound care wards in the hospital in Malaysia. The wound care is a part of orthopedics, and wound treatment can only be carried out in outpatient service or other specialized wards. Therefore, the wound care centers and other facilities are still under preparation, which is one of the key projects supported by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. To take this opportunity, MEBO Malaysia Co., Ltd. will continue to promote the local marketing development, with the clinical application as the basis, academic promotion as the mission, expert training as the focus and public welfare activities as the driving force, and be committed to culturing the academic pacemakers and spokesmen in the local wound management field, in hopes of benefiting more Malaysians with the regenerative medicine in the near future.