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May 28, 2020

Art Photography Team Records with Cameras Work Resumption in Shantou MEBO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  In response to central government’s instruction of "promoting work resumption during the prevention and management of COVID-19 to restore normal economic and social order", we held documentary photography volunteer service activity. On May 21, Guangdong Art Photography Team chose MEBO Pharmaceutical co., LTD. as the representative enterprise and record with cameras MEBO employees’ daily work on production lines. As an enterprise with good reputation in Shantou, we are obliged to take the lead in promoting work resumption. 
Dedication (Shantou MEBO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Concentration (Shantou MEBO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Jin Peng, Volunteer; Jin Jiehai, Deputy Secretary General of Shantou Photographers Association; Cai Xiaohong, General Manager of Shantou MEBO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Zhao Lijuan, Director of Shantou MEBO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.