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August 13, 2020

Kevin Xu Awarded Plaque to MEBO Research Center, University of California, Davis

  On August 12th, Kevin Xu visited the University of California, Davis and awarded plaque for the MEBO Research Center at Aggie Squre, University of California, Davis.
  Rong Chengze, Director of China Affairs of Sacramento, presided over the award ceremony. 
  Kevin Xu said that MEBO will form a multi-dimensional research alliance with some international prestigious universities, such as Harvard University, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, California Institute of Technology, etc. The cooperation between MEBO and University of California, Davis focuses on basic and clinical research on regenerative medicine and gastrointestinal research related to COVID-19. The center will further strengthen regenerative medicine research community.
  University of California, Davis is affiliated to University of California and is a member of Association of American Universities, Association of Pacific Rim University and the International Forum of Public Universities.
  The MEBO Research Center at the University of California, Davis is the sixth regenerative medicine research center established by MEBO Group in the world.
  The MEBO Research Center at the University of California, Davis can give full play to its advantages in funding, human resources, information, scientific research, international influence, etc., to have in-depth research on the theoretical basis and application of regenerative life science. It will enhance industry-university-research institution collaboration, provides support for the clinical application and promotion of regenerative medicine and promote the global development of regenerative medicine.