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February 26, 2021

The 4th Symposium of ISRMWR Was Held Online

  On February 25th, the 4th Symposium of the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair was held online. Kevin Xu and Li Li attended the conference at the main venue in Los Angeles. California Speaker Anthony Rendon gave an opening speech, Phillip Chen, member of the House of Representatives , hosted the meeting., and Dr. Abhilash Mishra and Dr. Aaron Mertz delivered keynote speeches. Based on the proposal of American Science Corp, they discussed how to rebuild the public’s trust in science. Kevin Xu made a concluding speech, in which he emphasized the importance of science for human development. He hoped that more scientists would make efforts for prompting human life and building a better world.
  The Symposium is set up by the California Council to commemorate Rongxiang Xu, the founder of human regenerative restoration science and MEBO Group. It was held online due to the epidemic and memebers of state council attended it . Centering on the trust of the American people in science, they discussed some relevant problems and propose practical solutions for that. Their proposal has been incorporated into the United States’ science and technology development strategy.