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August 25, 2022

MEBO was Sent to Disaster Struck Areas in Chongqing

  In recent days, Chongqing has been suffering the high temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius for several consecutive days. As a result, some forest areas caught fire, where rescue workers struggled day and night, volunteers also went all out to put it out. All people worked hard in unity and their story touched the whole city.
  Now, most of the wildfires have been put out, but it is very difficult to control the wildfires in Beibei District and Bishan District, Chongqing. On the evening of the 23rd August, the fire broke through the isolation zone, causing a great threat. The rescue workers were subjected to both scorching weather and fire. The medical aid volunteers who had been fighting on the front line were in urgent need of medicine like MEBO to alleviate their burns and bruises. MEBO Group made an urgent action to donate medicine to the disaster struck area in Chongqing and the local authority organized personnel to transport the medicine to Beibei District and Bishan District. Cai Chunyang and Li Fu, employees of MEBO Group, even stayed there as volunteers to help carry materials and evacuate people.
  At present, MEBO has been used in frontlines.
  Let us pray for the safety of the rescue workers! May the people of Chongqing get to normal life as soon as possible!