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August 21, 2020

Yang Zhibin Visited Nanshi Hospital of Nanyang

  On August 19, 2020, Yang Zhibin, President of MEBO Group visited Nanshi Hospital of Nanyang. During the visit, he expressed sincere solicitude towards front-line medical workers and patients with severe burns and chronic sores.
  During the visit, Yang Zhibin introduced the development of MEBO Group, focusing on the development and innovation of regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers, as well as new technologies and products of MEBO Group.
  Nanshi Hospital of Nanyang is one of the first hospitals to introduce and apply Professor Xu Rongxiang’s regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers. In 1987, the hospital applied regenerative medical technology in the treatment of large-area burns, scalds and various skin wounds and the result of treatment were widely recognized. Now, tens of thousands of patients are treated in this hospital every year.
  Zhao Junxiang, President of Nanshi Hospital of Nanyang, said: “Thanks to MEBT/MEBO, we have achieved good results in the treatment of burns, scalds and various skin bedsores, diabetic ulcers, and postoperative infectious wounds."
  Yang Zhibin visited several patients with severe chronic sores, one of which was bedridden as the result of cerebrovascular sequelae for nearly 5 years. He has been cured after being treated in Wound Repair Department for one month. "My mother has suffered for more than three years. Every year, she has to be hospitalized in our county hospital for treatment. The result of treatment there is not satisfied. This time, she recovered very well." said the patient's family member.
  More than 30 years ago, Professor Rongxiang Xu invented Moist Exposed Burn Therapy. As the technology extended to other fields, regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers came into being. Then, the therapy was developed into regenerative medical technology (MEBT/MEBO). After a large number of clinical applications at home and abroad, this technology has achieved much bigger coverage, from township health centers to secondary and tertiary hospitals to affiliated hospitals of higher medical school.
  After more than 30 years of development, regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers has taken a big leap and deeply transformed burn treatment, making a huge contributions to the development of regenerative medicine in China as well as the world. We look forward to having more clinical applications of regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers, to bring more benefit to our patients.